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Built-in Mechanism that Raise Funds Automatically. You don’t need to be a social media expert to get funded.


Get all your questions answered before making a donation via campaign live chat.


Every donations deposited directly into your Stripe account via Stripe Connect.


We know how busy entrepreneurs are and we want to help you setup and write the perfect campaign pitch at no cost.

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Crowdfunding is it right for your small business?

An effective crowdsourcing campaign needs a solid outreach strategy from the get-go. Hence, no matter what anyone tells you, buying traffic to initiate a campaign won’t work. One of the most important task of being a campaign manager is to get people who are close to you on board.

You must first reach out to people who know you and direct them to your campaign to gain their financial support. The initial steps of any business venture involve soliciting clients, family, friends and a social media network of active members with whom you personally interact. It is only then, when you should buy traffic via a marketing agency to supplement your efforts.

Why the caveat? We’ve seen too many Crowdsourcing Marketing Agencies take advantage of inexperienced crowdfunders with unrealistic expectations, fleecing them out of thousands of dollars of wasted advertising revenue and service fees. Don’t fall victim. Donors that don’t know you won’t donate to your campaign, unless they see donation validation via momentum. To them you’re just another scammer, unless via momentum you prove otherwise.

What does it take to create a great crowdfunding campaign?

It may sound a bit daunting to create your own fundraising campaign, but the process is surprisingly easy and straightforward. Just register and provide the required info on each tab of your user’s dashboard, then click the submit project for review button.

We’ll review your campaign and as a courtesy if needed, we’ll rewrite it to make it more persuasive and help you achieve better conversions. We’ll even send serial donors your way for free, as long as you have a successful launch.

We’ll go the extra mile for you.




According to Forbes magazine, less than 1% of all startups companies seeking angel investors, venture capitalists or accredited investor funding are successful.

Likewise, over 70% of Crowd-Fundraising Campaigns Fail.

Sadly, popular fundraiser platforms like Indiegogo, Kickstarter, Fundable, Circleup, Pledge, Crowdfunder, Crowdcube and Gofundme are little more than campaign parking lots.

Hence, if you’re not actively engaged in 24/7 daily promotion or have an edge, you’re unlikely to get funded.

CFBum is a platform that helps startups find their donors and raise funds for their business idea. We are experts in the field of crowdsourcing who will help you prepare your campaign, and we also offer support to make sure everything goes smoothly after the campaign ends.

No more public rejections.

We know how hard it can be to get funding, but with CFBum we make it possible. With campaigns usually lasting only a month, there’s no need to worry about rejections or having to wait years for investor equity funding.

Free consultations for everyone!

There is no out of pocket cost whatsoever to use our service and we offer free consultations with experts who specialize in crowdsourcing. All of our experts are happy to answer any of your questions about the process or provide tips on how to succeed at finding donors.

We’re a newer breed of crowd-fundraising sites designed to actively fund projects.

Crowdfunding Bum is making a difference and soon will become the preferred startup funding resource.

So spread the word!

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