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Getting a job these days is difficult, so more people are finding ways to save money, and the best way to save money is to invest them in the right place. Now you might be thinking about where to invest your hard-earned money because there are many scams out there. You don’t need to worry anymore as long as you have Angellist. 

Yes, Angellist is one of the leading online startup investing platforms. Low-priced startups face difficulty entering the business world at their early stages—especially those who want to track the “syndicate” way of subsequent lead investors. AngelList is one of the best networks for startups.

Think about an online transportation system, a daydream sports competition provider, or a fully online pharmacy service source have in common. They all initiated from AngelList, which is the most popular and talked-about platform on the internet world. Uber, Pillpack, and DraftKings are most noticeable among them.

AngelList is a unique website with a track record of one billion dollars plus outcomes on its investments. Dollar Shave Club (that was sold to Unilever) and Twilio are prominent among them.

The Basics

To get started with Angellist you need a minimum of $1000. They have a really long track record, as they were one of the first online startup investment platforms. 

A VC fund formed to make a single investment is called a syndicate. They use the syndicate model to follow specific lead investors.

Syndicate leaders are skilled, experienced, Angellist investors. They have a great deal of experience with successful technology investments. Investors with great experience can apply to become a part of the Syndicate Leads team.


It is the very first online platform that started with raising venture funding. In 2010, this stellar platform was founded. The platform is somewhat secretive in some respects. Perhaps this is due to the changes in Regulation D. D underwriters have a stake in carried interest, or “carry.” And that offers the potential for significant upsides on successful exits.

These deals are available through syndicates led by investors. And they should follow syndicate leads as much or more than reviewing individuals’ investments. The syndicate leads share in the carried interest, or “carry” and this has become the reason for the better exist outcome. 

Experimenting is an art, and the Angellist team is famous for its unique ideas and strategies. They are incredibly product-focused, and the great features and specifications they rolled out are remarkable. They have proved to be best for disrupting the investment industry. They’ve even expanded beyond simply syndicating the investments to provide a job market that caters specifically to start-ups.

Investment Types

We know you’re wondering about the types of investments, as they can be big or small, but at Angellist, you will get different types of investment plans. For early-stage startups, you can invest individually, and you can also get funds that give you good diversification – but many have minimums of $25,000 or more. 

What Do You Get? 

The investors, who are investing in a particular vehicle, are required to take the form of an LLC. This is the standard prerequisite by Regulation D investment crowdfunding sites. This cleaves to the actual fundamental securities and simplifies the raising company’s cap table.


A one-time fee of about $8000 is charged from each syndicate’s investments, and it is pro-rated across all investors in the syndicate and will be calculated by their investment amount. Third parties like state regulatory agencies, accountants, and payment processors will take all of these.

About 20% interest rate is charged by syndicates. This amount is shared between the syndicate lead and AngelList.

Your Potential Returns

Its obvious that when you invest somewhere you always seek what will you get in return so at Angellist your investments are safe. High risks and high rewards are involved in investments. They are all done in startups. Many of these investments have no specific expectations regarding dividends, cash flow, or payments. Many of these startup investments lose all or some of their value.

Some investors get excellent return from taking the risk. However, this outcome is rare and would require a very substantial amount of diversification over time coupled with a very careful selection of investments. 

Businessman considers that taking risk worth the business. Some investors get an exceptional return from taking the risk. However, this outcome is rare and would require a very substantial amount of diversification over time coupled. Careful selection of investment is very important.

Annual returns of the most experienced Angel Investors range from 31 to 40 % annually for their early start-ups. But this is the ideal range. You may also find out there are many businesses and entrepreneurs that have and are focusing on giving away equity for NO angel investment.

Due Diligence and Regulatory Framework

Angellist itself is known as an “Exempt Reporting Advisor.” This is a variant of “Registered Investment Advisor.” The investments are offered by way of SEC Reg D. They are only available if you are an accredited and approved investor. 

Investors rely heavily on syndicate leads for curation purposes. 

The Facts of Angellist


The platform did exceptionally well in 2018. According to the company, “assets under management” now top a billion dollars. 

They became relevant in the shift to using the internet as a means to raise money online. This was really triggered in the spring of 2013 when the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) issued a No Action Letter. And that pertained to their pursuance of an online marketplace that prompted one user to proclaim AngelList the patron saint of online equity crowdfunding. It is now one of the largest platforms you will encounter and is very popular in the world of crowdfunding. 

Services continue to be tweaked and improved. It mostly focuses on its job’s marketplace, and this active platform matches employees to early-stage firms. You can get a job in a startup if you so wish thanks to Angellist. 

Other Great Things

  • Angellist Venture features over a billion in assets under management and 23 heavy hitters in the portfolio such as Robinhood and Lime. 
  • The investments are worldwide. They are done in companies in 38 different countries with the USA leading the line, and Europe coming in a close second. 
  • There are 250 angels and VCs relying on the platform. 
  • Half of the investments came from the VC funds. And Angellist manages them all. 

Indeed, this is more of a jobs list nowadays instead of a crowdfunding site. You will not find anything like Kickstarter or Indiegogo here. As you may have already guessed from the terminology used in this particular article, this is for investors, VCs and angels who know what they’re working with. However, if this is the platform for you, it is definitely a strong choice. 

They even say they have something new in the works, but thanks to the secretive nature of the platform we must wait and see.


Indeed, Angellist is great. But there are some drawbacks. 

For starters, you have to be an accredited investor. This is a stringent requirement; not for the faint of heart. 

The startup investments are VERY risky and illiquid in nature. 

You have to be approved by a syndicate lead to gain access certain investments, even AFTER you complete the stringent approval process for investing. 

It’s a great platform, but they do make sure only the best gets in. 

CrowdfundingBum To the Rescue

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Final thoughts.

We hope you stick around a while to find out more about all that Crowdfunding Bum has to offer. You will find ample reasons to choose us as your funding source.

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