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The Best Crowdfunding Sites; Top 50 Ranked by Type.

Before we reveal our picks of the best crowdfunding sites, let us explain what we mean by crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is a means of raising donations from a large number of people, primarily over the internet. It can be defined as fundraising, wherein individuals donate money to a particular project or cause, usually small contributions. Individuals contribute to projects or businesses to get something in return, like goods or services, later for their contribution.

We’ll go over 50 popular crowdfunding websites and explain why each platform may or may not be suitable for you. Hence, before determining where to host your project, you must first grasp what makes each platform special.

Which Are the Best Crowdfunding Sites (Compared) in the World?

Crowdfunding platforms vary in their setup, payment processing fee structure, and many more details. So before launching your crowdfunding campaign, make sure to read through the fine print carefully.

Some crowdfunding platforms follow a “keep it all” (KiA) model, where organizers who raise less money than planned get to keep all funds raised. Other platforms adopt an “all or nothing” (AoN) strategy, meaning those raising funds must either hit the entire goal amount or forfeit all donation pledges.

The majority of crowdfunding websites charge a platform fee ranging anywhere from 5% up to 20%. Some also have additional costs such as processing fees, setup, or monthly maintenance charges.

Furthermore, some platforms focus on specific fundraising needs, while others cover a more comprehensive range of themes. Overall, the best crowdfunding site – like Crowdfunding Bum! – is one that appeals to a wide range of possible fundraisers and audiences.

The Best Crowdfunding Sites; USA and International.

We must first define the various sorts of fundraising sites before ranking the best crowdfunding sites. Hence, the following (in our humble opinion) is how these funding platforms stack up.


Best Ranked Crowdfunding Sites for StartupsPhoto by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

Which Are the Best Ranked Crowdfunding Sites for Startups?

The crowdfunding business is still in its infancy, with platforms springing up at a rapid pace. However, a few have stood out as the best platforms for startups to launch their ideas. Project creators can go straight to their audience and ask for funding without going through any middlemen or distributors.

Here is our list of the best crowdfunding sites for business startups.

#1. Crowdfunding Bum

Many people worry that their outreach skills might not be up to par when starting a crowdfunding campaign. However, individuals who do not have a significant following but still want to generate donations through the crowd have a new option. Crowdfunding Bum offers all its users free access to four excellent features; Built-in-backers, Live Backer Chat, Social Media Outreach, and Pitch Write-Up Assist. Crowdfunding Bum’s slogan, “You don’t need to be a social media expert or influencer to get funded,” tells you everything you need to know about this crowdfunding platform.

#2. WeFunder

WeFunder connects entrepreneurs with investors who share common goals. They describe themselves as follows: “WeFunder is a crowdfunding platform where people invest in projects they believe. People have different reasons for wanting to back a project; some may be passionate supporters, others might be more risk-averse or simply want to make money off the deal.” This site offers many opportunities to find funding for your dream venture.

#3. CrowdCube

CrowdCube enables ordinary people to invest alongside professional investors and venture capitalists. By doing so, CrowdCube makes investments more accessible, affordable, and rewarding. In addition, startups, early-stage, and growth-stage ventures can now raise funds through crowdfunding platforms such as CrowdCube.

#4. iFundWomen (best crowdfunding sites for women)

Women Entrepreneurs are starting businesses at record rates. They are committed to supporting those efforts through funding platforms such as iFundWomen. iFundWomen mission is to empower women to create successful companies.

#5. Seedrs

Seedrs offers an online platform where startup businesses can collect necessary funding via the equity crowdfunding model. This UK-based crowdfunding site has raised approximately £1,117M for hundreds of startups. The capital they have raised has helped to finance over 1,000 projects. For example, one company they helped fund was called myJAM who created a personalized music player in response to Taylor Swift’s removal of her content from Spotify in November 2016.

Best Reward-Based Crowdfunding SitesPhoto by Nataliya Vaitkevich from Pexels

What Are the Best Ranked Reward-Based Crowdfunding Sites?

The most common form of reward-based crowdfunding is rewards and perks. This type of funding is usually used for products already in development and need a little more help. For example, people can get one of the product’s final editions or one of its early editions with an extra perk included.

Here is our list of the best perks reward-based crowdfunding sites.

#1. Bonfire

Bonfire combines the power of modern online fundraising with the joy of classic t-shirt sales to create a unique crowdfunding experience. For fundraisers, custom t-shirts can be produced in a variety of styles and sold through Bonfire. The design process is streamlined and stress-free, allowing for a quirky and personalized fundraising effort. Bonfire’s events team also hosts a pre-event gallery preview to help fundraisers get excited about their new designs.

#2. ABC Fundraising

ABC Fundraising is a company that provides fundraising solutions to schools, churches, and other organizations. ABC Fundraising has two main fundraising programs: the ABC Candle Program and the ABC Popcorn Program. When fundraisers sell candles or popcorn through their program, they make a percentage of the proceeds.

#3. Teespring

Millions of unique apparel items manufactured by the Teespring team in Kentucky are sold each month on their crowdfunding website. The design process is easy with Teespring, just choose your colors and upload your artwork to start fundraising. Teespring also sells merchandise for popular events like festivals, concerts, and sports teams.

#4. Represent

For people who are looking for an intuitive crowdfunding platform to design and sell t-shirts to raise money for their cause, Represent offers a sustainable way to do so. Users can create campaigns with all the necessary tools needed, like pinpointing how much they want to raise, what kind of products they want to produce, the campaign’s timeline, and much more. The company also guides potential campaigners on how to get started.


Best Ranked Donation-Based Crowdfunding SitesPhoto by cottonbro from Pexels

What Are the Best Ranked Donation-Based Crowdfunding Sites?

Individuals donate modest amounts to help a charitable cause reach its bigger financing goal while receiving no financial or material benefit.

Here is our list of the best donation-based crowdfunding sites for nonprofits.

#1. Double the Donation

Nancy Lamb is the founder of Double the Donation, a fundraising platform that will double or triple the donation for nonprofits using crowdfunding for fundraising. Nancy was inspired to create this platform after meeting with her friend’s cousin, working as a social worker, and often dealt with homeless people and struggling financially. She realized that crowdfunding could be an effective way for these individuals to raise money, share their stories, and build community.

#2. GivingMail

Direct mail campaign providers like GivingMail take their customers’ direct mail campaigns and make them easier to execute. They take care of the printing, stuffing, and mailing of your materials, which in turn helps amplify the results of your crowdfunding campaigns. With GivingMail’s help, you can save time and money when executing a direct mail campaign by using this helpful service.

#3. Handbid

When Handbid was created, the team had a vision of creating a site to connect people who needed something with others who wanted to give it. But not just tools for buyers and sellers, but nonprofits and their supporters, too. This is because nonprofits need opportunities to reach potential supporters and donors who may not have otherwise been aware of them or their work.

#4. Plumfund 

Although Plumfund serves a wide range of crowdfunding campaigns, the website boasts a strong contingent of nonprofits. For these organizations, the Plumfund community is a valuable resource for fundraising and awareness. Since its inception in 2009, Plumfund has been committed to empowering individuals passionate about making the world better. Their mission is fulfilled by helping many different under-funded organizations raise money for their goals.

#5. FundRazr

As a crowdfunding website, FundRazr offers many features that make it easy for anyone to raise funds. For example, they allow people to create campaigns and start raising funds in less than 10 minutes. They also offer social integrations to easily share your campaign on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Finally, they come with a dedicated fundraising support team.


Best Ranked Crowdfunding Sites for EquityPhoto by Markus Winkler from Pexels

What Are the Best Ranked Crowdfunding Sites for Equity?

Yet another form of reward-based crowdfunding is equity-based. Equity crowdfunding is a method for large groups of investors to fund small firms and startups in exchange for equity. This type of funding works similarly to buying stocks on the stock market. You can get a taste of what it’s like to own a company by getting some shares for a small price and then watching your investment grow with time.

Here is our list of the best equity-based crowdfunding sites for investors.

#1. AngelList

AngelList is a startup incubator and investment platform founded in 2010 by Ron Conway, Naval Ravikant, and Babak Nivi. The company’s mission is to democratize startup investing and provide entrepreneurs opportunities to seek capital online. AngelList has been called one of the world’s most established equity crowdfunding platforms and became one of the first US-based startups valued at over $1 billion. The company’s mission is to democratize startup investing and provide entrepreneurs opportunities to seek capital online.

#2. MicroVentures

MicroVentures is a full-service investment bank that caters to both non-accredited and accredited investors. MicroVentures offers a wide range of offerings spanning multiple industries with a bias towards tech startups. In addition, the company has an equity crowdfunding arm that only caters to accredited investors.

#3. Fundable

Fundable provides hands-on help with onsite profile building, pitch construction, and even business plan development for companies interested in equity crowdfunding. 

#4. StartEngine

StartEngine is a crowdfunding platform that launched in 2015. StartEngine offers an assortment of investment opportunities, including both consumer- and business-facing startups. The potentiality of the investments on the site is high, primarily because they focus on industries like robotics, space exploration, and renewable energy. In addition, StartEngine has a group of over 50 venture capitalists who have invested over $600 million across all their campaigns.

#5. EquityNet

Founded in 2005, EquityNet bills itself as the “original equity crowdfunding site” and claims to hold the only patent for the concept. The company was founded by entrepreneurs who wanted to democratize startup investing and create a platform to level the playing field for small-business owners and investors.

#6. Localstake

Small business investors have a new way to get in on the action thanks to Localstake, a platform that connects them with revenue-generating small businesses. Listed companies tend to be involved in consumer-facing enterprises, such as brewing, food production, and apparel manufacturing. By accessing the equity of privately held companies through an Initial Public Offering (IPO), small investors can now enter the market for these stocks simultaneously as institutional investors.

#7. SeedInvest

SeedInvest is a more buttoned-up platform that specializes in “highly vetted investment opportunities.” The platform claims to accept just 1% of applicant companies, and investing can be done via accredited, non-accredited, or retirement investor status. That said, SeedInvest is not for the risk-averse; it’s full of startups that are looking for funding, and they’re willing to take risks.


Best Crowdfunding Sites for Peer-To-Peer LendingPhoto by Monstera from Pexels

What Are the Best-Ranked Crowdfunding Sites for Peer-To-Peer Lending?

According to the Huffington Post, crowdfunding is a time-tested way of raising money for personal expenses, emergency situations, or for business-related endeavors. The concept has become more popular with the recent emergence of peer-to peer lending sites. These sites are provided by large financial organizations that extend loans to other people in need of funds, but they are run by average citizens just like you.

Here is our list of the best peer-to-peer crowdfunding sites.

#1. Lending Club

Customers have found this platform helpful in paying off their high-interest debt, saving money in the short term, and controlling financial aids. For these reasons, customers are happy with Lending Club’s services, so they recommend them to other people or friends.

#2. Upstart

Direct-to-consumer personal loans in the range of $1000 to 50000 are available on Upstart’s lending platform. Automated borrowing technology is also offered for banks and credit unions, enabling these companies to get into direct customer interactions more than ever.

#3. Funding Circle

You can consider investing in the business loans by Money Magazine’s Best Small Business Loan for a Low APR in 2020. Funding Circle make it simple to apply for a loan from the comfort of their own home, which is excellent for those who are busy or trying to start a business on a shoestring budget.

#4. Prosper

Spend less with Prosper Marketplace. Fast, flexible loans tailored to you. Since its introduction in 2006, lending and borrowing have changed dramatically. Prosper Marketplace is a platform that brings borrowers and investors together in a peer-to-peer investment environment. Prosper offers loans of $2,000 to $35,000 for terms ranging from 3 months to 2 years. Creditors can choose the APR they want to charge, and borrowers can shop around for the best rates.

#5. Firstgiving

The Firstgiving website is an online fundraising website that has been in business for over ten years. It provides a low-cost, high-quality alternative to other fundraising sites. The site offers access to all types of donation pages, including personalized pages with pictures, videos, and personal stories.


Best Ranked Real Estate Crowdfunding SitesPhoto by Timur Saglambilek from Pexels

What Are the Best-Ranked Real Estate Crowdfunding Sites?

Several different real estate crowdfunding investments are available to choose from, including debt, preferred equity, and common equity.

Here is our list of the best Real Estate crowdfunding sites.

#1. Fundrise

Fundrise bills itself as an alternative to investing in stocks and bonds. The company offers a unique opportunity for private individuals to invest as little as $10,000 in commercial real estate. In addition, Fundrise offers several guarantees, which include a minimum annual return of 4% and the ability to have some investment return via the sale of shares at any time.

#2. Patch of Land

Patch of Land is a peer-to-peer real estate lending platform that connects accredited and institutional investors with borrowers seeking reliable funding for their real estate projects. Key features include the platform’s ease of use, quick turnaround time, and transparency. Patch of Land was founded by finance industry veterans who saw a gap in the market and wanted to offer an alternative to conventional financial institutions.


IINTOO is a real estate crowdfunding platform that allows you to participate in debt, equity, commercial, or residential real estate across the United States. The majority of the crowdfunding platform’s assets are low-risk and low-yield and offer investors a chance to test and improve their skills as investors. In addition, IINTOO is one of the only real estate crowdfunding sites that lets you invest as little as $5,000 as an investor.

#4. RealtyMogul

RealtyMogul may answer aspiring real estate investors who want to invest in commercial properties but don’t have the funds for a significant investment. This platform allows users to invest as little as $1,000 into crowdfunded properties with only minimal fees. The service is currently available in 10 major markets across the United States and offers an average return of 12% on investments. Property types include office buildings, hotels, apartments, and self-storage facilities.

#5. PeerRealty

PeerRealty is a business that primarily focuses on real estate. PeerRealty has an extensive portfolio of commercial and multi-family residential properties to offer. Most of the opportunities are for projects that have already been finished or are in the planning stages. These include apartment buildings constructed or in the design stages.


Best Ranked Crowdfunding Sites for IndividualsPhoto by Shamia Casiano from Pexels

What Are the Best Ranked Crowdfunding Sites for Individuals?

In modern-day society, many people seek ways to support their ideas and change their own lives. There are many crowdfunding sites available for individuals looking to get their business or idea off the ground. These sites can be an excellent way for individuals to get what they need for their startup or project.

Here is our list of the best individual crowdfunding sites for personal asks like medical expenses.

#1. GoFundMe

GoFundMe is one of the most established and well-known crowdfunding platforms. Its online tools have helped numerous individuals and groups collect funding for various needs, including medical, educational, environmental, and more. In total, more than 2 million campaigns have been created on GoFundMe. The most popular campaigns on the website are usually charity campaigns from around the world.

#2. Fundly

Crowdfunding is a trend that continues to grow in popularity among individuals and nonprofits alike. The Fundly platform allows for fundraising and enables fundraisers to keep practically everything they raise – 100% (less transactional expenses) of their donation goes towards the cause they are backing. In addition, Fundly is a “Keep It All” (KiA) platform which means that fundraisers can keep all of their contributions.

#3. MyCause

The MyCause crowdfunding platform is an Australian-based one that aims to be different from typical crowdfunding platforms by being more flexible and giving fundraisers a choice in their model. Furthermore, every campaign has a built-in support team to help get it off the ground.

#4. GoGetFunding

For those who want to raise money for a personal cause, GoGetFunding is a popular crowdfunding website that has been around since 2011. So far, they’ve raised over $5 million for various organizations and have been featured in the Huffington Post, Forbes Magazine, and several other publications. In addition, it’s easy to create a campaign page through their platform and promote it on social media or other channels to reach thousands of people.

#5. is one of the most user-friendly fundraising platforms for individuals, groups, and nonprofit organizations. Fundraisers with minimal technical knowledge can start their campaigns in minutes and for little or no money. connects fundraisers with friends and family and potential donors from across the globe, with most donations taking place electronically or by credit card.


Best Crowdfunding Sites for SchoolsPhoto by CDC from Pexels

What Are the Best-Ranked Crowdfunding Sites for Schools?

Crowdfunding has become a popular and effective way for schools to raise money. It is often used as a tool for building projects, but the possibilities are endless – all it requires is establishing a goal and putting together an exciting campaign.

In this article, we’ll talk about the top 5 best crowdfunding sites for schools. Many teachers have rated these sites as being the most successful in launching an impactful campaign.

Here is our list of the best crowdfunding sites for school fundraising.

#1. DonateKindly

DonateKindly is a free, nonprofit website that provides the tools for people to quickly raise money for their favorite school, church, or nonprofit organization. DonateKindly is especially popular with year-round campaigns because donors are not required to contribute money more than once throughout the year. In addition, the website is free to use, and it’s 100% tax-deductible.


Since 2003, over one million public school teachers across the US have used DonorsChoose to make their classrooms more usable for students. It provides teachers with an easy way to order items they need for their classrooms and allows students to be involved in helping their schools.

#3. StartSomeGood

StartSomeGood is a crowdfunding platform for changemakers. The company’s website is used exclusively for social change initiatives. In the past, StartSomeGood has helped projects such as setting up a school in Ghana, improving access to clean water in Uganda, and providing healthcare to low-income women in Philadelphia.

#4. Deposit a Gift

Today, many people are familiar with the term “gift registry.” These registries allow you to register for gifts before special occasions like weddings or baby showers. However, not everyone is aware that these registries have morphed into crowdfunding platforms in recent years. One of these platforms is Deposit a Gift, which has many powerful features but none more so than selling event tickets at their site.

#5. DoJiggy

DoJiggy is an online fundraising platform with several revenue-generating solutions, including crowdfunding, auctions and raffles, online donations, and e-commerce stores. Their crowdfunding platform offers the chance to raise money for personal causes, nonprofit organizations, or startup companies through an online campaign. Each campaign features its unique perks that are available only to backers that pledge money to the campaign. Campaigns will then be successfully funded once they reach their set goal amount or time limit.


Best Crowdfunding Sites for Creative ProjectsPhoto by Anna Shvets from Pexels

What Are the Best-Ranked Crowdfunding Sites for Creative Projects?

Crowdfunding has been a popular method for individuals to fund their creative projects. However, there are many platforms available to crowd funders. Which should you use? The following venues have adapted well to the needs of creative people.

Here is our list of the best creative projects crowdfunding sites.

#1. Kickstarter

Kickstarter is one of the most prominent crowdfunding platforms, having helped hundreds of thousands of creative fundraisers obtain funds for arts-related projects. However, Kickstarter does not allow fundraising for: private colleges, charities, real estate development, and political campaigns. Nevertheless, Kickstarter’s founders found that they were helping more people with the types of projects they did accept than with those other ventures.

#2. Indiegogo

Many crowdfunding platforms are available to individuals with great ideas, but Indiegogo has evolved enough to be the most efficient for creative fundraising. With a “coming soon” page, fundraisers can promote their campaign before launching it. This helps generate interest among potential backers and amplifies the social media impact of the campaign. The platform also offers an “All or Nothing” option for campaigns that want to do all they can with their funding goal.

#3. WeMakeIt

WeMakeIt is a crowdfunding platform for “new ideas, artistic efforts, and creative items.” The site’s creators were inspired by a desire to make entrepreneurship more accessible to the general public. To do so, they created a democratic platform that allows anyone with an idea to be heard. WeMakeIt takes a small cut from campaign funds and does not charge any fees for funders.

#4. Pozible

Ever wondered how you can help fund your favorite artist and get exclusive access to their latest creations? Pozible is here to help. Pozible claims that they “crowdfund awesome stuff.” The list of projects on their website includes everything from comic books and plays to art exhibits and films. They’re a safe, user-friendly platform where individuals can get involved with projects they care about while enabling creative people to do what they love.

#5. Experiment

Are you wondering how to make the next breakthrough in biotechnology research? Experiment is an online platform that makes funding scientific experiments easier. The company has already made more than 400 successful transactions with thousands of scientists worldwide.

Experiment is an online platform where scientists can post their ideas for research that they need funding and where people can donate funds to help fund these projects.

#6. Patreon

Patreon connects artists and creators with a network of people that care about their work. With a Patreon, an artist can offer a subscription-based service of exclusive content to their patrons, who support the work financially by pledging every month or whatever they like. The site offers three different tiers of membership, bronze, silver, and gold. Patrons are charged on the first of the following month of service. After that, there is no limit to how many patrons can be on one account.



Best Hybrid Crowdfunding SitesPhoto from Pixabay

What Are the Best Ranked Hybrid Crowdfunding Sites?

Hybrid crowdfunding sites are a mix of traditional and equity-based crowdfunding. Sometimes these are designated as “equity-based crowdsourcing” websites. They are not the same as conventional crowdfunding, often used to raise donations for projects or endeavors.

Here is our list of the best hybrid crowdfunding sites.

#1. Crowdo

Crowdo is a crowdfunding platform based in Singapore. It was founded in 2012 and operating for over nine years, making it Singapore’s longest-running crowdfunding platform. It offers both equity crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending. The company targets startups and small businesses that need seed funding for their startup ideas that often align with the interests of the investors on the platform.

#2. PledgeMe

PledgeMe is a New Zealand-based crowdfunding platform that has been shaking the industry since its inception in 2012. PledgeMe has become the go-to crowdfunding platform for charities, startups, and many other niches.

PledgeMe was founded in 2012 by Anna Guenther, the CEO who launched PledgeMe. The company offers three types of crowdfunding opportunities: charitable donations, equity investments, and peer-to-peer lending.

#3. Fundsurfer

Crowdfunding has become a revolutionary way to fund new and innovative projects. As a result, there is an ever-increasing number of crowdfunding platforms available to potential inventors and entrepreneurs, each with different features. However, the upcoming launch of, a Bristol-based crowdfunding platform, promises to bring something different to the table. In contrast to other existing crowdfunding sites, will take a hybrid approach that combines the strengths of both equity and debt-based funding mechanisms.



Which crowdfunding site has the lowest fees?Photo from Pixabay

Which crowdfunding site has the lowest fees?

All reward and donation platforms will charge you a fee, usually between 3-20% of the raised money. These fees consist of either a platform fee or processing fee, or a combination of both. There’s no free lunch. This is because their platform business model depends on being sustainable. The good news is that the majority of these fees are not paid out-of-pocket.

On the contrary, in a recent interview with ABC News, a director at a boutique wealth management firm said that the cost of a campaign on an equity crowdfunding platform can range from $5,000 to $20,000. Raising money on an equity crowdfunding platform is a complicated process that requires a lot of work, planning, and a hefty budget.

Crowdfunding Bum combined fees and pay-it-forward donations max out at around eight percent. So when asked, why not build an equity platform? Crowdfunding Bum founder Bernardo Pereira replied, “We want to see you grow, not carve you up.”

Final thoughts.

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