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The Forum: A Crypto Message Board Review

The Forum: An Overview was launched in 2016 by Roger Ver, one of Bitcoin’s original angel investors. While the site does offer users the ability to buy and sell Bitcoin, Ver’s goal was much larger than creating an online exchange. He wanted to create a platform where new and experienced cryptocurrency investors could gather to discuss the latest news, share opinions, and increase overall awareness of Bitcoin. That’s why he included an entire section of the site dedicated to educating people on the way Bitcoin works and explaining how to get started.

But real education isn’t the work of a single person. It’s the result of an entire community of people, sharpening one another through discussion and debate. And that’s what you’ll find on the forum.

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What is the Forum?

The forum is one of the best-known cryptocurrency message boards on the internet, offering a sizable community (almost 100,000 users) of crypto enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and developers. It’s broken up into several large categories, each with subcategories that allow for deep dives into the details of bitcoin, how it works, how it’s being used, and what its future could hold.

Within the forum, you’ll find posts about every aspect of the cryptocurrency, from how to mine it to the economics of bitcoin. There’s even a section of the crypto message board dedicated to giving users a chance to ask industry leaders anything. And if you’re multilingual, you can even browse the dozens of foreign language forums.

Who is the Forum for?

Overall, the forum is a solid community that lets users get a wide range of opinions on nearly every Bitcoin-related topic out there. And for the most part, it’s an active community, with at least a hundred or so users on at any one time. Unfortunately, not every subcategory is as active as you might hope for it to be. Some haven’t had a post in nearly a year. And as with any online forum, crypto-focused or otherwise, you will come across scammers and paid commenters. But don’t let that deter you. There is a ton of quality content and opinion available on the forum. And if you begin commenting, you’ll have the chance to converse with some of the leading minds in the crypto industry.

This means that it’s a great option for anyone interested in crypto. If you’re just getting started, you can dive into specific subcategories or browse the broader ‘Bitcoin Discussion’ forum. And if you’re a more experienced investor or even the leader of a related project, you can contribute your expertise and allow your views to be refined by others with different experiences and knowledge.

Getting Started with the Forum

If you’d like to check out the forum, it’s as easy as visiting its homepage. You can access the entire forum as a guest. You will, however, need to at least create an account before you can post or respond to other posts. Fortunately, doing so requires nothing more than an e-mail address and takes only a few moments.

TL;DR: The forum is one of the leading cryptocurrency message boards in the world, with nearly 100,000 members (some of whom are leading voices in the industry) and dozens of individual forums to browse. While it may not be quite as active as other message boards, it’s a great option for anyone who wants to understand Bitcoin better.

Final thoughts.

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