A Crypto Message Board Review An Overview

Founded in 2012, just three years after Bitcoin was launched, has grown to become of the premier online spaces for discussing bitcoin and related cryptocurrencies. Not to be confused with the forum, is not associated with any other platform or organization. Instead, it’s designed to be an open community that anyone can join and participate in. As a result, it’s garnered a significant membership consisting of industry thought leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, and those who are simply curious.

What is is one of the industries oldest and most respected cryptocurrency message boards, offering forums and subforums that cover just about every aspect of crypto. There are boards dedicated to helping new investors out, empowering would-be and current miners with everything they need to refine their mining processes, and exploring all the ways bitcoin can be used in commerce, gaming, and more.

Currently, has nearly 25,000 registered users. That may not sound like a lot when compared to the 4+ million users on the CryptoCurrency subreddit; however, it’s an incredibly active community. Nearly all of’s crypto message boards see activity on a regular, or even daily basis.

While its name implies that bitcoins are the focus of, there are also sizable communities dedicated to altcoins like Ethereum, Litecoin, and even Dogecoin. So, no matter which aspect of cryptocurrency you’re interested in exploring, you’ll find plenty to chew on at

Who is for?

Whether you’re a crypto novice or veteran, there’s plenty to love about

For anyone who’s just getting started with Bitcoin, the ‘Newbies’ forum is perfect for learning the foundations of blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and Bitcoin. Users can ask questions themselves or simply browse the questions and discussions that have already been brought up. Once they’ve gotten their bearings, they can start exploring the other cryptocurrency message boards. This is a great place to discover the best crypto trading platforms, to look at the trends in bitcoin’s value history, and more.

Experienced investors will also find plenty to love about, since it includes many members who have been involved in the industry since its inception. New projects and ICOs are routinely discussed and there are opportunities to share and refine investing strategies, tips, and more.

Getting Started with

If you’d like to check out, it’s as easy as visiting its homepage. You don’t have to create an account of login to begin browsing the forum, so you can begin growing in your understanding of crypto and Bitcoin without making any commitments. And there is plenty to browse with over 80,000 posts. If you’d like to begin interacting with others in the community, creating an account won’t take more than a minute or two. And once you have, you’ll be able to discuss cryptocurrency with some of the brightest minds in the industry. Talk about a real crypto education!

TL;DR: is a solid online community that’s active daily and offers a place to discuss Bitcoin, altcoins, and upcoming blockchain-based projects. If you’re looking for somewhere to grow from a complete novice to a veteran investor, is a great place to start.

Final thoughts.

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