Churches play a huge role in the community where they are situated. Not only is the actual building usually the base for many community events and gatherings, but the church also plays host to activities such as mission trips, outreach programs, Christian crowdfunding and more. 

Being able to maintain the facilities and fund their various programs can be costly. While its members definitely do a lot in order to raise money for their programs, it can be tough particularly if the church’s congregation is pretty small. There’s only so much a small group of people can give and do. 

Fortunately, they can now reach out to more people for help. Through Christian crowdfunding church-based groups and other charitable organizations are able to ask for assistance from a larger pool of people in order to finance some of their projects. 

What Initiatives Can You Launch Through Christian Crowdfunding?

Christian crowdfunding is said to be the where online fundraising and the ministry of the Church meet. It is a way for religious organizations to raise money for initiatives that are meant to make an impact on the community. These projects could be raising money for:

  • Tuition for a seminarian
  • Refurbishing old churches
  • Starting food pantries for underserved communities
  • Sponsoring a ministry trip for the youth group
  • Buying food and other supplies for homeless shelters

It can also be a personal project like raising money to help out a family in crisis. The common theme is that Christian crowdfunding is not done to make money for the purpose of coming up with a product that can be sold or for raising capital so a small business can grow. It is done so that a worthy cause can be supported by a fellow Christian who wants to help for no monetary gain.

Which Sites Can You Go to Launch a Christian Crowdfunding Initiative?

Raising funds for faith-based initiatives cannot be done using just any platform. You cannot go to Kickstarter or Indiegogo to ask for money to support your church choir. You need to choose one that is niched for religious organizations and other non-profit advocacies. Below is a list of top Christian crowdfunding platforms that you can explore in order to launch your next project.

1. Fundly

To date, this platform has been able to help various groups raise upwards of $330 million to support worthy causes. Fundly is probably the top choice when it comes to Christian Crowdfunding platforms because it is easy to use. Any individual can create a professional-looking fundraising page in a few easy steps. You can even add photos and videos on your campaign page. Plus, their support team can be contacted easily for any questions any troubleshooting assistance. 

Fundly offers features like integration to other social sharing platforms, assigning giving levels, and even crowdfunding updates. It is so convenient to let the public be aware of your existing campaign and update “donors” about its status. The great thing about Fondly is that you only start paying the 4.9% platform fee once the donations come in. You also need to pay an additional 2.9% and $0.30 for every transaction that you do. 

Beyond that, your group can keep all the donations even if you don’t reach the goal that you set for your campaign. This is very similar to what Crowdfunding Bum charges. Their platform fee is only 5% of the money that you raise, but this fee is currently being waived as they scale their platform. Hence, if you’re looking for no platform fee then you should check them out. Furthermore, you get to keep all the donations even if you don’t reach the goal that you set for your campaign.

2. Bonfire

This is a creative platform that lets groups sell their custom-made merchandise online in order to raise funds for worthy causes. It is a great platform for uniting religious communities. Bonfire allows church groups and religious organizations to select and customize different items using the platform’s library or any uploaded design. You can design a t-shirt or a sweatshirt for your cause in just a few minutes. 

After customizing the merchandise, you can start selling those items on a page that you can also make on Bonfire. It’s like an online souvenir shop for your church or religious group. If your group or church has a social media account, you can easily share your Bonfire page to attract more buyers. 

3. MobileCause

Crafting the merchandise and creating the store page is so easy and intuitive, anyone can do it. The best thing about Bonfire is that you can use the platform for free. The selling price of your merchandise will already cover the shipping fee. If your congregants from other countries wish to buy, they will only need to add $11 to the total fee. The only additional fee that your buyers will encounter is the added 8% processing fee. 

This platform allows the group to fully customize the type of crowdfunding campaign that it wants to launch. Religious groups and churches can use their logos, other branding images, and color schemes to design their fundraising pages. Supporters are also automatically updated regarding the status of the campaign, so they know what’s happening and can also help spread the word about the fundraising effort that they are supporting. 

MobileCause gets its name from the fact that the platform prioritizes mobile accessibility. This means congregants can now send gifts to their church using their mobile devices. Additionally, they can automatically send their tithes to their church using their tablets or smartphones. 

The price of using MobileCause depends on your arrangement with the company. There is a $350 initial sign-up fee and then your group will have to pay an amount from $100-250 every month to use their services. There is also a $0.50 charge per transaction.

4. GiveSendGo

This is another popular Christian crowdfunding platform that allows congregants and churches to raise money for their causes. They welcome the usual initiatives like fundraising for youth groups and mission trips. They also let individuals launch campaigns to help a congregant with medical expenses or for memorials, and more. 

Like other Christian crowdfunding platforms, GiveSendGo makes it easy for the campaigners to share the details of their campaign on social media. The platform also has a status bar to let the donors know how much more is needed in order for the campaign to hit its target. What’s different about this platform is that it has a “Pray Now” button. It is an added feature that shows that the donor fully supports the initiative, not just financially but spiritually as well. 

With GiveSendGo, all campaigners get 100% of the money that they raise. Using the platform is absolutely free. GiveSendGo relies on voluntary donations from its givers and goers to keep it “going”. Every month, they use 10% of the total donation that they receive to give to active campaigns of their choosing. Crowdfunding Bum also has a donate feature but it is done by all the campaigners that sign up with the platform. This ensures that those who are asking for help also gets to give back. With this built-in backer feature, 3% of the money that is raised by campaigner gets paid forward to another active campaign of their choice as a donation.

How Do You Start a Christian Crowdfunding Campaign?

The first thing that you will need to do is to choose a platform. While their services are mostly the same, the payments can vary. It is advisable to select one that allows you to keep all donations even if you don’t reach your campaign’s target. Once you have chosen which platform to use, you will need to sign up. Look for the “start your campaign” button. Be sure to read their terms and conditions before finishing your application. 

Fill out the necessary information regarding the initiative that you are launching. Don’t forget to add pictures and videos to capture the attention of your potential donors. Once your Christian crowdfunding campaign goes active, make sure to share them on your social media accounts. Ask your friends and fellow congregants to share the details of the campaign on their accounts as well. Update your donors from time to time so they know what is happening. 


Christian crowdfunding is very similar to other types of crowdfunding. You still need to launch a campaign on a platform in order to entice “donors” to support your cause. The main difference is that the people who are donating most likely do not expect anything in return from the people who launched the campaign. It is done mostly out of the goodness of their hearts. Initiatives for Christian crowdfunding also differ. The beneficiary of this fundraising activities is usually the community.

Final thoughts.

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