Raising money or better said, to raise capital via reward or equity crowdfunding websites in the midst of coronavirus pandemic has become challenging to say the least. Almost every business has been affected by the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. Many organizations and businesses are faced with a challenge of whether to adjust their strategies or close down entirely. Numerous investments and individuals are affected by factory shutdowns and convention cancellations all over the US. Some are adopting severe strategies to drag their suppliers back into production, others are trying creative techniques, and several are doing nothing other than putting up with the situation.

The financial consequence of lockdowns and social distancing has been a tough burden for many small business owners particularly those who can no longer afford to compensate their workers and pay bills.

It is evident that several local companies plateforms can’t wait for the state or federal assistance to come their way. That is why some of them have turned to other options to assist them to satisfy their immediate necessities during this crisis. Service firms that can’t open remotely, like those in the hotel industry, can initiate funding options like crowdfunding campaigns to enable them to save their ventures.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to cause financial effects on small enterprises, this suitable funding strategy could help them remain stable in the market.

Subsequently, if you presently have a running crowdfunding action (or maybe planning to launch one), you may be worried about how the pandemic will affect you.

If you have chosen to consider a crowdfunding campaign to save your business through financial difficulties impacted by a coronavirus pandemic, you need to figure out the future consequences these measures will have on your business.

You should also think of the crowdfunding strategies you can apply to help your venture through the coronavirus pandemic period. Moreover, you must consider what you can do to ensure the success of your campaign in the middle of this crisis. One interesting action that campaigners can take, is to help fund other businesses to help them survive in the middle of this pandemic.

The Crowdfunding bum platform automatically deducts a small amount of what you raise and transfers those funds to a another campaign of your choosing. This pay it forward giving is not only the right thing to do, but also qualifies you to be at the receiving end of similar donations by subsequent new members.

Effects of coronavirus pandemic on Crowdfunding during the crisis

coronavirus pandemic

The country is encountering emergency lockdowns to prevent additional spread of the virus. Some people are facing deficits of food, medicines, masks and other basic supplies during this coronavirus pandemic.

The impacts of the pandemic have clearly affected startups and small businesses at large. However, it took us time to recognize exactly what these consequences are – and the extent they can reach.

Supply chains are the biggest problem. Many manufacturing industries have gone into a standstill immediately following the lockdown calls. Several businesses with crowdfunding campaigns are unable to procure necessary rations. The same ventures can’t easily get their products made or even deliver those products to their clients. As a result, a good number of crowdfunding campaigns are announcing hesitations in launching and shipping their products.

The coronavirus pandemic is also stimulating personal economic tension with individuals losing their employment and pushing hard to stop unnecessary spending. For crowdfunding, this has translated to a considerable rethinking of the strategy needed to campaign for support. The impacts of this crisis don’t certainly mean that people do not want to commit funds to the campaign; it means they may invest a limited amount and need to be convinced to do it.

Picking the right Crowdfunding platform During coronavirus pandemic

We can see some of the crowdfunding platforms introduce strategies in place to assist those who own campaigns through this uncertain moment.

As with a normal crowdfunding campaign, it’s vital to do a good analysis and find a platform that best fits your business desires and objectives.

You should also be very clear with the regulations of any platform you’re considering to use for your campaign to raise funds. The platform should be realistic and professionally managed without hidden charges.

Most crowdfunding platforms yield a profit by commissioning a percentage of funds paid out to fundraisers. This commission is generally computed from the total funds raised, and/or based on achieving a “fully-funded”

Look for a site that allows you to have all the funds you accumulate and does not penalize you for not hitting your goal. You’ll also need to find out if you require to wait until the end of the drive to claim your funds or if you can draw out along the way. This is important to know if you’ll be running a long campaign or if you’ll have expenses throughout. It is crucial to ensure your funds are intact, if you lose them especially during this difficult time then your business is bound to fail.

Ensure you can obtain assistance in establishing your campaign and promote it. You will also need to be sure that the site is simple to set up and customize, whether you’re a professional or not.

Adopt a platform that doesn’t have deadlines, plan endorsement requirements or limited access to information about your donors. Some platforms don’t give you this flexibility. The Crowdfunding Bum platform can help achieve much more for you than just gathering money: It can assist you in growing your email list, enhance commitment, and shape the culture of giving.

Managing Your Campaign in the midst the Coronavirus Pandemic

During this coronavirus pandemic period, when things appear a little difficult, you could be thinking about how to run your campaign successfully. If you haven’t started, you’re probably thinking you should start the one you have been planning for some time. Well, it is completely possible (during this crisis) to launch a successful crowdfunding campaign.

The clue is to promptly evaluate your alternatives and determine whether this is the perfect time to commence your fundraiser. The following are a number of factors to consider and actions to take to save your crowdfunding campaign during the pandemic:

Coronavirus Pandemic Change of Supply chains

If you are in Supplies or related industry, you are already feeling the heat. However, effects of coronavirus on supply chain affects almost every industry, this is because in one way or another a business depends on supply chain directly or indirectly.

The international business system has taken a serious downfall in the middle of the COVID-19 / coronavirus pandemic. Shipping firms are no longer operating as usual as they cancel shipping than ever. Many airlines are reducing their passenger routes by over 95%. There us a drastic reduction in movement air cargo meaning you must be having trouble transporting your products to planned destinations.

The actions you take towards your campaign should closely be a move towards saving your business or keeping it running. In fact, a decline in supply chain may also result to quick increases in demand for many products. Thus, sudden effects from the event like panic buying for commodities can be experienced. You need to push on your campaign and use the demand and supply matters as your strength to persuade your sponsors.

It is also necessary to digitize as many supply chain procedures as possible. A completely digital supply chain strategy can have a substantial favorable result on your business undertakings. This is where crowdfunding comes in, it automatically makes your fundraiser digital.

Payment methods

As the crisis strike, we will get more clarity about the extent and span of the pain. One clear fact now is that there will be no return to the usual standards of last year. Money isn’t circulating well anymore. If you are crowdfunding, you realize that online payment methods are working best at the moment. Cashless payments can save you the impact of behavioral change and expectations of customers. So it is significant not only for the payments ecosystem but also for the development of the whole economy. Today, we must embrace the payment solutions that will enable our businesses to emerge from the current crisis efficiently and establish post-COVID-19 expectations. Crowdfunding as a way of raising money is a convenient method of avoiding unnecessary cash transactions.

Physical methods of payment like cash and checks, have been aggressively discouraged through the crisis because they can carry the virus. This is the time to design your campaign setup where all traders and all customers, irrespective of finances and education, will have access to the tools of the future. There should be no excuse about limits in the payments infrastructure or prices.

Manufacturing Concerns During Coronavirus Pandemic

If your campaign is directly or indirectly involves production in a different country, then you may encounter challenges. Even China isn’t ready; Industries in China are already back online again, but some may be undergoing production overloads that are causing setbacks. If you haven’t commenced your campaign, talk to your suppliers and manufacturers to examine their state, and discover how you can best work with them without having any harmful effects on your crowdfunding campaign.

For hygiene purposes, ensure that your business (that is if you are in the manufacturing sector) remains open during the coronavirus pandemic. However, you must take hygiene seriously to diminish the spread of the disease as much as possible. You would want to educate workers, as well as clients, on the proper hygienic precautions.

Category of the campaign

Some types of crowdfunding campaigns are ready to navigate their way over the coronavirus pandemic. However, others are not fortunate enough. With all the social distancing standards we are advised to adhere to, event-related operations are very tricky.  It is better to change your events into online video conferencing or deliver information to those concerned about the changes you make as a result of the pandemic. The platform you work on should allow you to be flexible, meaning you are able to make changes where necessary to favor your campaign even during the crisis.

Effective communication

Good communication is the centerpiece of any fruitful crowdfunding campaign and the benefits are evident during these coronavirus pandemic. However, a lot of individuals struggle with how to plan and keep a good level of communication to have the attention of donors and supporters

Whether you have launched your campaign or you are just about to do it, an important point will be to talk with your community. Communicate with your suppliers and shippers concerning the problems they are facing. Consequently, communicate any issues or setbacks they (and therefore, you) have to your funders or potential investors. Actively and continuously keeping people informed will help you a lot in the journey to a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Remember, many crowdfunding platforms will want their campaigners to create a small profile of themselves, and may also evaluate their level of understanding of their potential donors, before starting to accept donations. It is vital to describe the required steps to your crowd, for them to prepare for what to expect.

Coronavirus Pandemic: Digital and Social Media

A good digital and social media Environment has constantly been essential for an effective crowdfunding campaign. But during the coronavirus pandemic, it is going to be more crucial for spreading the word. Plus, many platforms (like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) have cheaper promotion or solutions to help businesses market their products right now. So, your exposure.

Apart from from the key fundraising film, you should try other advertising materials such as digital ads and creative images, as well as short videos that you can roll out within the campaign.

Strong media and press relationships are key. In fact, crowdfunding campaign is about relationships. Always be intentional, genuine, open, and share value through digital and social media platforms.

Please consider during these coronavirus pandemic unprecedented times

If you are into crowdfunding during this coronavirus pandemic, you should prepare for the new normal. We already know that when there is a risk in the country, our monetary markets respond negatively—That’s what we see right now. We also know that when we encounter fluctuation, we frequently see a decline in philanthropy soon.

What we predict is the impact (and for how long) the COVID-19 outbreak, and market change will have on 2020 GDP. However, it doesn’t mean your donors and prospects are going to stop caring about your campaign just because there is a crisis. Sure, their delivery may be a little bit slow temporarily. But you should continue to press on for the best outcome to ensure your campaign remains financed and your donors remain involved.

It is wise to stay flexible and be ready to changes as needed. Communicate with your team regarding responsibility and deadlines for orders and online runs. By so doing, you make the most suitable decision possible with as much information as possible hence saving costs and also time. As we well know, time is money!

Coronavirus Pandemic: Final thoughts

We hope you stick around a while to find out more about all that Crowdfunding Bum has to offer. You will find ample reasons to choose us as your funding source.

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