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We’ll let Howard Sherman, the man in charge of Crowdfund Buzz, the world’s #1 PR Crowdfunding Advertising Firm, tell you all about it.

Dear Crowdfunder,

As you plan to launch your crowdfunding campaign I understand how many factors are in front of you, how many decisions you have to make and all the work you have to do before day one.

From the first moment I spoke to Bernardo Perreira, Crowdfunding Bum’s founder, back in July 2016; I knew I was talking to a man of passion and dedication. And I was right. Nearly three years later and Bernardo is still hard at work to make Crowdfunding Bum the best reward-based crowdfunding platform in the world. Not even Hurricane Maria could stop him. He was understandably deterred for a while since his base of operations in Puerto Rico was decimated and deprived of essentials as fresh water and food let alone power and Internet. Puerto Rico bounced back and Bernardo got back to work with Crowdfunding Bum.

Crowdfunding Advertising Giant with over $220 million Raised.

I’ve seen crowdfunding platforms come and go over the years as founders entered crowdfunding full of fire only to quit soon after. But not Bernardo Pereira. He built something special in Crowdfunding Bum. He solved all of the problems currently haunting crowdfunding platforms such as how to fund a crowdfunding campaign via built-in backers.  How to maintain transparency, keeping campaigners honest via a rewards guaranteed policy. Hence, helping campaigners raise funds while protecting the funds of backers with the lowest platforms fees I’ve ever seen. To clarify, I’ve heard of no platform fee. But no platform fee, free pitch writing, built-in backers and reward receipt guaranteed, unheard-of!

From everything I can tell, Crowdfunding Bum has solved the most pressing problems in the realm of rewards-based crowdfunding and I decided Crowdfund Buzz has to be a part of that.

I believe in Crowdfunding Bum and I see it as the future of crowdfunding. To that end, I am putting my money where my mouth is where Crowdfunding Bum is concerned.

Crowdfund Buzz

As a proud partner of Crowdfunding Bum, Crowdfund Buzz is giving every campaigner of Crowdfunding Bum 30 days of free crowdfunding promotion via social media. No fine print. No strings attached.

Going further, campaigners on Crowdfunding Bum will enjoy 20% savings on all of our services should they decide they want to take their crowdfunding advertising to the next level.

These are exclusive offers not available anywhere else except on Crowdfunding Bum. Crowdfund Buzz and Crowdfunding Bum are standing shoulder-to-shoulder to make reward crowdfunding altogether better to make crowdfunding success easier than ever.

Wishing you only success,

Howard Sherman

Howard Sherman

Senior Publicist


Tel 1-(833)-CROWDPR

Proud of our Better Business Bureau A+ Rating.

Member of the Public Relations Society of America

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