Crowdfunding! What a relatively new word that has taken our world by storm! Crowdfunding, as you know, is the way in which a bunch of like-minded individuals get together to fund crowdfunding campaigns. 

We’ve seen some great crowdfunding campaigns over the years; there have been artistic pursuits like video games and board games funded, startups and cool technologies developed.

These wonderful campaigns would not be possible without the support of the generous backers, platform support staff, and the great creators that put them together. 

But perhaps it is most important to note the benefits of some crowdfunding campaigns. After all, the little things in life really matter, and this is no different when you get started working with the knowledgeable and great staff at CrowdfundingBum

Let’s talk about some of the benefits of working with them!

Crowdfunding Campaigns Benefit: Easy Setup

Starting your  crowdfunding campaign happens over the course of a few easy steps. Unlike some campaigns that closely vet their crowdfunders, we just ask that you do a simple registration process and then we can get you into our system and ready to promote your campaign in no time at all. Of course, we do not allow any campaigns that are detrimental or harmful in any way, such as hate speech, copyright infringement, or violent, to name a few. 

Writing your cause and making it compelling is a cinch with us. Why? Because we have expert writers on our staff that have a way with words. You just tell us what your mission is all about, and we then assign somebody to write it up and make it compelling.

We are a community of friends, donors, complete strangers and overall cool people that have learned how important it is to give back and make a difference. In doing this, we can grow, improve, and be better than we were yesterday. If you want results, we got them. 

We can write up an amazing campaign for your personal, charity or institutional cause. 

Benefit: Giving to Get

What sets us apart from all the other platforms is that we do not let you go it alone. That’s right, we do not make you fend for yourself like a fish without water. Our community is here to help you and get your crowdfunding campaign funded! See, don’t let the name fool you. We are not your typical panhandlers, we are actually pretty industrious over here!

This ensures crowdfunding campaigns do not just dry up like a plant with no water. All other crowdfunding sites ask you to find your own donors and backers. But we are after something totally different here at Crowdfunding Bum – that is, we help you get the donations you need. 

How do we do it? Well, when you sign up, you agree to pay 3% of what you raise so it can be applied toward another campaign of your choosing. Hence, when you sign up, you pick another great campaign like yours to send some money to once yours is funded. In this manner, by paying it forward you open yourself up to receive similar donations for your cause.

Benefit: We Can Write Your Crowdfunding Campaign Story

Look, writing is hard. You know what it is: in college or high school, your teacher demanded five pages about why Shakespeare’s symbolism mattered or a term paper about Ancient Rome. And you would struggle your way through the assignment, trying to meet the page requirement and wishing you could just hire someone else to do it. 

Well guess what, we can. No, we are not going to write term papers (yuck) but we can definitely craft a great campaign description for you. No need to brush off the old grammar book or spell check your work. As a busy entrepreneur or creator just focus on what’s important and let us handle the details. 

Benefit: Funding Online Is Secure and Easy

You can get donations sent right to your cause by way of credit, debit, or net banking. 

We make it so easy to get your monies, unlike some of our competitors.

And in terms of money, did we mention it is totally FREE to start a crowdfunding campaign with us here on CrowdfundingBum? That’s right. We do not ask you to have a minimum or meet income standards as you find with some venture capitalist platforms. 

Benefit: We Are All About the Greater Good

We do not ask for a platform fee or anything like that. The only thing we ask for is that you tell your family and friends about us when you work with us. Make sure that as you share your awesome campaign with everybody, you tell them to come to us if they ever should need crowdfunding. But to be clear we are not gofundme so no charitable causes, we cater to entrepreneurs, startups and those looking to change the world.

We just want to make sure the world understands the power of generosity. It is so hard to give in this day and age when we have to care for ourselves and our families first. Therefore, we make it easy. By paying it forward in the form of your generous 3% donation, you are cultivating a culture of abundance instead of one that promotes holding onto money with a tight, clenched fist. 

We make our crowdfunding campaigns easy to create, execute, and manage. You can simply use your laptop, tablet or mobile phone to keep track of your campaign and make it great. And best of all you are not only helping yourself, but lighting the way for another, too. 

Our Bottom Line: Crowdfunding Bum is Awesome

Let’s just go over the basics one more time about the benefits of working with us: 

  • We are the only self-funding crowdfunding platform
  • Can customise your page in just minutes, and we can help
  • Will be able to keep every donation you get, regardless of target met
  • You can help out others in the process of fundraising
  • Will get all questions answered in a timely manner through email
  • Starting a campaign is FREE with us
  • You can choose the deadline and the goal!

Final thoughts.

We hope you stick around a while to find out more about all that Crowdfunding Bum has to offer. You will find ample reasons to choose us as your funding source.

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