Crowdfunding definition: What Are Backers?

The crowdfunding definition of a “backer” when it comes to crowdfunding is basically, “customer”. Your backers are essentially the people who support your idea. They are the ones that look the most forward to your great idea. They are the friends, family, and referrals that you get who graciously donate to your campaign. 

Sometimes, it can be hard to find backers. After all, take a look at any major crowdfunding site, you are liable to find many great campaigns, but for whatever reason, some of these campaigns just never see the light of day despite how great and noble many of them are. 

Crowdfunding Definition of campaigns

There are plenty of great and wonderful campaigns everywhere you turn. You might see a campaign to revitalize a community rec center on one side of the website, a medical bill fund on another area of the same site, and a church mission trip fund somewhere else.

These are great causes, but each one of us has only a certain amount of money. If we were all millionaires, it would be easy to donate our money freely and give like there was no tomorrow. The problem is that many of us have only a little money to give. Many of us have a big heart and wish we could just give and give to all the great causes that are out there. 

But, it’s just not feasible. 

What if there was a platform that featured built in backers? Sounds pretty radical, right? Well, think again, because this might just be the greatest idea that crowdfunding has ever seen. 

crowdfunding definition: Why Are Built in Backers A Good Idea? 

Well, think of it this way. Not all campaigns get to see the light of day. In other words, life is not fair. It is unfortunate because so many of these campaigns are for really wonderful causes.

I think we can all attest to having seen a really good campaign for a really noble cause but feeling bad for the campaign owner when they only have one or two donations so far. 

Crowdfunding definition of platform fees

Crowdfunding Definition

Another important thing to consider in our Crowdfunding Definition. When you are getting your campaign off the ground is the cut that the platform will take from your donations. 

And even beyond that think of this: What if you do not fulfill the campaign’s goal and the monies go back to their backers? 

Then you are really out of luck! For example, Kickstarter is a popular platform for the creative and artistic pursuits. Many great video games and card games have come out as a result of this platform And plenty of them have not.

crowdfunding definition?? Kickstarter has an “all or nothing” approach to fundraising. Nobody is charged for a pledge toward a project unless the goal for funding is reached. This is done so that creators of the content in question have the budget they envisioned before they move forward.

Ergo there is less risk involved-that is, backers are not charged, and creators do not have to create a lower quality product that does not meet the expectations of the ones who desired it.

While we respect Kickstarter for its ideas, we believe that everybody deserves a fair shot to make their dreams a reality. 

crowdfunding definition: What Benefits Can Built in Backers Provide? 

Not everybody can have the luxury or the good luck of having a venture capitalist or an angel funding experience when it comes to their business.

In case you don’t know, angel investors are wealthy people who invest in smaller size companies in hopes they will become the same size as Google, McDonald’s or some other mega corp. If you are lucky enough to get one’s attention, this can mean you get a much-needed cash boost for your company. They will do this in exchange for convertible debt or ownership equity.

Venture capitalism, on the other hand, is a form of financing that firms or funds provide to emerging businesses that have a potential for high growth. Venture capitalists do this to get equity, or some ownership in the companies they make an investment in. VC investments have high failure rates, making them hard to get for most startups.

Says Forbes Magazine, less than one percent of those seeking funding through angel or VC funding are successful.

Keeping this in mind, the case for a crowdfunding platform with backers that are built right in becomes even more important than ever. It ensures that everybody will get a fair chance to shine and grow their business.

Crowdfunding Definition of How Does It Work? 

At Crowdfunding Bum, the only platform that does feature built in backers, you do not have to make the journey to success all by yourself. The community does it for you.

You might be wondering how such a thing could ever possibly work. 

Well, we start simple: we focus on getting you the donations you need. How? 

When you work with us, we make it easy to find backers that can and will support your campaign. These people will understand and appreciate your ideas and want to help you out. 

Our website is actively looking to new members to make small size donations so that they can activate their own individual ventures. These donations are deducted from funds raised automatically.  

There is no out of pocket cost to you, we just urge you to become a member of Crowdfunding Bum ASAP so that you can start getting donations from the Crowdfunding Bum community sooner than later.

Crowdfunding definition or meaning of what’s next.

Your next task is to start poking through our members campaigns and find a project that you what to support. Choose somebody that supports the sort of vision you have. They will receive 3% of what you raise in your own crowdfunding campaign. It is a great way to experience that warm and fuzzy feeling while paying it forward and helping someone else get their dream off the ground! Hence, the crowdfunding definition of how it works.

So, don’t think about where the funds are going to come from any longer. Just check us out at Crowdfunding Bum and see all the great things we can do for your venture.

Final thoughts.

We hope you stick around a while to find out more about all that Crowdfunding Bum has to offer. You will find ample reasons to choose us as your funding source.

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