Crowdfunding Bum is the brainchild of Bernardo Pereira, who created a more modern, accessible, and synergistic way for new entrepreneurs and startup founders to fund their projects and see them succeed. It is a completely unorthodox crowdfunding platform where campaigners can exchange ideas and have a direct, more personal relationship with their donor backers. 

Through this innovative way of crowdfunding, dedicated fundraisers can see their ideas turn into a successful and fulfilling venture without incurring any out of pocket costs, nor having to invest precious time in becoming a social media expert.

But Crowdfunding Bum is way more than that, so read on!

Kickstarter Pledges Vs Crowdfunding Bum

Imagine raising 90% of your monetary pledges only to fall short of your intended goal and receiving zero, zip, zilch for all your toils and efforts. That is potentially the biggest downside of the Pledge system on the well-known Kickstarter platform. You might have been able to reach 90% of your goal in pledges only to then see all of those capital promises slip away through your fingers. 

The logic behind this business choice is that campaigners would not be able to carry on with their projects if they can’t reach the funds required via the crowd. Moreover, Kickstarter, similarly to a number of other well-known platforms out there, tend to target creators and artists. The idea they support is that unless the full amount of funds is reached, the project will not be able to succeed. But come on, we all know that most crowdfunders have other financial measures they can employ if they come up short. Furthermore, as a backer, wouldn’t you prefer that the campaigner had some of their own skin in the game?

The perceived positive side of this system is that the pledgers or backers are somehow protected as the funds on their credit cards will not be charged until the total sum is achieved. However, it can be frustrating for a campaigner to see all the potential funds grow only to then not meet the deadline or be a few donations short and lose all the promised pledges. Capital, begets capital, having working capital on hand to take advantage of opportunities is crucial for the success of most projects.

On the other hand, Crowdfunding Bum believes that entrepreneurs, artists, and creators alike should be fully, and by that I mean monetarily supported throughout the entire process. This means that even if you realize that you will not be able to reach your desired amount of funds, you will not be left out in the cold without any funding. In fact, all the donations made by backers will be transferred into your Stripe account instantly so that you can start bringing your project to life from the very first donation.

Moreover, if you already started collecting pledges elsewhere, we’ll be able to set up a sister campaign at no cost to you via our platform and you can then use the funds and pledges you have collected in both portals. If you anticipate that you are not going to reach your desired capital needed through campaign pledges alone then this is an ideal scenario.

With Kickstarter pledges, you might be thinking that your project will reach the funds needed and that there’s no need in setting up a second campaign on our platform. But consider this, if your project misses the deadline by a few dollars, you may have to start over from scratch with a campaign on our platform. For new and navigated entrepreneurs alike, this is a waste of time and resources, and it could decide whether your venture will be successful or not.

With Crowdfunding Bum, you will see funds entering your account continuously throughout your campaign with us. This makes for a better personal budget management strategy. The 5% platform fee and 3% pay it forward gift is collected by Crowdfunding bum with every single donation (does not include gateway Stripe fees), so you will not have to worry about any final extra costs. You will be able to see exactly how much funds your campaign is yielding and start planning towards either a second fundraising strategy or the take-off of your current project!

Built-Backers Auto Donations

One of the biggest challenges campaigners are facing today is being able to achieve and maintain donation momentum throughout their campaigns. Moreover, with so much competition and ventures out there, it can be difficult to find the initial backers that will help you with your crowdsourcing project.

Crowdfunding Bum has created a built-in mechanism that auto funds their client’s campaigns. The approach to crowdfunding that Bernardo Pereira has undertaken is to design a strategy that is based on the idea that the most willing contributors will be the ones that have already been in your shoes. Hence, campaigners helping campaigners.

As a participating member of the Crowdfunding Bum platform you are required to pick an existing campaigner which will automatically receive 3% of all the funds that you have been raising. This also means that you will be able to get picked by other new fundraisers and receive 3% of the donations that they have collected. Yes, if you are chosen by multiple campaigners it is conceivable that you may get fully funded without lifting a finger. How cool is that 🙂

This gift allows campaigners to have auto donations from built-in backers that will kick-start their projects and yours in a shorter time frame. Moreover, every member will be both a donor and a recipient without incurring any out of pocket costs. Hence, shameless and smart fundraising.

Ultimately, the process of crowdsourcing and campaigning to achieve the desired funds needed to start your project can be extremely stressful for any campaigner. Often entrepreneurs and startups founders will have to learn how to set up their own business, taxes, finances, and staffing dynamics.

With all this to do, the last thing any campaigner will want to focus on is having to learn how to create an effective outreach strategy. This can take months or years to be effective. Today, most campaigners tend to hire a crowdfunding agency that will take care of this issue for them. However, these third-party services can be extremely expensive and set you back up to and exceed $100,000 plus. 

Any small business startup that has that amount of cash available should be investing it on their own growth and not on searching out the help of crowds, especially based solely on the promise of the agency. Furthermore, any entrepreneur that is in need of this kind of assistance will not have enough funds to pay such a high marketing bill. That’s why the Crowdfunding Bum strategy of campaigners helping campaigners works perfectly to create free momentum. You will be able to achieve the visibility your project needs from the public at large without breaking the bank. 

This strategy that helps you find backers from day one is completely synergistic and based on the reciprocity of campaigners helping each other. The 3% of funds required to keep this system working is a percentage that the CEO of Crowdfunding Bum has been studying over the years. It is enough to get yours and other campaigners’ projects going.

However, if a higher percentage was required, many fundraisers would be frustrated by seeing such a high portion of the funds collected being moved to someone else’s cause, or disappointed in receiving too little that it wouldn’t make much of a difference. The platform founder believes that he has found the Proverbial “Goldilocks” middle ground, not too little and not too much. The purpose being momentum.

Backer Live Chat

With a large number of campaigns and projects across many different platforms, it might be intimidating and confusing for a donor to find the right project to fund. Moreover, while many entrepreneurs are sincerely pursuing the venture of their dreams, there is always the possibility of facing a scam. Therefore, many donors prefer to either personally know or chat with fundraisers prior to backing their projects.

On the Crowdfunding Bum platform, backers are able to chat with a campaigner before making a donation. This helps them to have all of their questions answered prior to making a donation, as well as to find out what the insider aim and insights of that particular idea.

All registered campaigners will be able to log in on the live chat and have a conversation with their potential donors by clicking on the Chat with Bum button. You will be able to schedule appointments and availability to organize a stress-free meeting with your potential donors. 

Moreover, the platform offers the option of a live chat as well as video calls and crowd voice. This helps every fundraiser and backer with the task of building a relationship from the very start of the campaign and it can promote the sharing of ideas and thoughts. This will also allow new members to decide where to place their initial 3% donation in complete safety and knowing what the ultimate aim of that specific project might be.

Don’t forget that from the point of view of a backer, every donation is potentially risky, especially when deposited through a third-party platform. In fact, it can be difficult to ensure that you’re donating towards the right project that supports your values, every year thousands of contributions are lost due to scamming and misleading websites.

The live chat that all the members can make use of is an extra measure Crowdfunding Bum uses to try to fight scams and harmful scam projects. Bernardo Pereira has been researching ways to limit the possibility of traps and frauds in the crowdfunding world. Since he believes that it is very unlikely for a scammer to be willing to give up 3% of funds that new campaigners are required to donate to other projects. Hence, this acts as a barrier that protects backers from potential scammers. By directly chatting with campaigners backers can feel out campaigners to see if they are on the level.

Every crowdfunding website has its own dynamics as well as a different probability of meeting scammers. While it cannot be controlled fully, it is important to embrace this danger head on and put in place all the protections that are available to limit the chances of fraud occurring.

Crowdfunding Bum expects to experience fewer numbers of scam attempts thanks to the live chat system and the 3% donation required. Moreover, users have reported feeling safer when considering our platform than other websites and more likely to back a project from the very beginning of the campaign due to the Crowdfunding Bum security policies which are put in place to protect its members. 

Setup Assist and Campaign Migration

Crowdfunding Bum believes in a stress-free and effective campaign setup strategy that will not require the campaigner to dedicate too much of their time to the writing and promoting process. Through the professional help offered on Crowdfunding Bum, each startup founder, innovator or entrepreneur can focus fully on getting their project or concept on the market straight away, without having to worry about creating an appealing pitch.

The assistance offered through this platform will set your campaign above the competition through a professional and structured strategy. All that is required by the Crowdfunding Bum website support staff is your story, your reasons for reaching out to the crowd, and the desired capital for your project. In terms of personal details, all that you will need to supply is your location, your email address, your full name and any photos or videos you are happy to share with the crowds that will be helping you.

With these details, the professional team behind this platform will set up an effective pitch that is completely customized to yours and your campaign’s needs. After the initial 3% pay it forward selection, you will be able to see funds coming straight into your account and you will be ready to start planning the launch of your product!

Alternatively, if you already have an existing campaign carried on by other third-party websites or privately, you will be able to move it to the Crowdfunding Bum website. In fact, this fundraising community support staff offers free migration of campaigns from other platforms. 

Ultimately, you will be able to find assistance through the Crowdfunding Bum Help Desk via customer service which will provide updates throughout your campaign. Anything that you feel doesn’t reflect the values that you are trying to reflect on your campaign, we will modify and adapted to your taste.

You will also receive help with other issues you might face during your campaign. For example, donations that have not come through your account correctly, potential and proven scammer activities, and refunds, if a reward is not shipped to you are just a few of the issues that you can get solved easily through the Crowdfunding Bum platform.

This approach has encouraged new campaigners or entrepreneurs to reach out for help to turn their projects into reality. Many campaigners have reported being embarrassed or shy when they need to ask for help. Therefore, the Crowdfunding Bum platform has transformed the way new innovators can ask for help in our platform.

The community of backers and creators support all innovative ideas without discerning and create ad hoc campaign strategies that portray the real reasons behind it and can truly touch the minds and souls of potential donors. While our community of Bums (not meant to be derogatory, but just humble people in need.) defines this as “Shameless Fundraising” (No Shame), every new campaigner is encouraged to be both a giver and not just a receiver while pitching their idea to the crowds. The qualified team behind Crowdfunding Bum is ready to accept new concepts and turn them into a winning campaign strategy that will yield the fantastic results.

Free Social Media Outreach

Crowdfunding is an alternative way to finance a project or idea that has been in use for quite some time. However, it has seen exponential growth along with the spread of Social media Platforms and the increase of their users. The relationship between these platforms and the chances of success of your project cannot be neglected. Ultimately, how can we ask for the crowd’s help if the crowds are not aware of our project?

However, there are multiple decisions that a new campaigner has to make and skills that he needs to learn in order to be successful. Often becoming a Social Media expert in the limited time frame of a few months is not a viable option. Nonetheless, neglecting the importance of spreading your idea from the very beginning of your campaign can quickly damage your chances of success. 

Ultimately, getting the word out during the first 30 days of the campaign is critical to its success. That is why the Crowdfunding Bum platform via its partner Crowdfund Buzz offers a one-month free social media outreach package available for all new Bum members. The posts, captions, timings, and strategies will be designed to reflect individual needs as well as to achieve the best results. 

Campaigners will not need to become expert influencers or have a deep understanding of the essential dynamics of Social Media exposure.

Moreover, through the partnership with Crowdfund buzz, you will have the support of industry professionals throughout your campaign. They will be able to offer consulting sessions to truly understand the insights of your idea and the way you would like it to portray it to the public.

Influencer marketing is an essential element of crowdsourcing campaigns. The cost of a partnership with a specific influencer can set a campaigner back between $100 and an astonishing $105,000 for one post. While this strategy can attract many backers in minutes, most fundraisers don’t have enough capital at their disposal to cover this cost.

This is why the package offered by Crowdfunding Bum through Crowdfund Buzz can really yield incredible results instantly. You will be able to enjoy full influencer marketing coverage from day one without having to pitch or incur extra costs.

Moreover, Social Media platforms are many and it can take time to have a deep knowledge of each app in a short time. The outreach you will get in this exclusive free package extends through a number of different Social media Channels. A crowdfunding campaign will be shared with huge social media networks and improve your advertising strategy across Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Instagram.

If due to the nature of your project you believe to have more chances of finding donors in your specific area rather than internationally, the outreach package offered by Crowdfund Buzz has a different solution for you.

They are equipped with an on-air media department that can spread the news of your campaign through top TV and radio shows across the country. They offer unlimited media coaching to prepare both you and your campaign to be portrayed at its best. 

Ultimately, they are able to provide you with all the statistics and data gathered from your Social Media Campaign. This will give you an idea of the number and quality of future donors, as well as what the public opinion might be on the concept that you are currently launching.

Free Campaign Pitch Write Up Assist

Writing a pitch that will stand out from competitors is a skill that many campaigners are required to learn quickly if they are willing to see their project come through. This is the tough reality of the dynamics of other crowdfunding websites and platforms. However, since the idea of Crowdfunding Bum is to eliminate all the present biggest issues that campaigners are experiencing, you will be assisted throughout the process.

If you are an inventor, innovator, a craftsman, you will not also need to be an expert pitch writer. We have seen many brilliant crowdfunding projects that have failed to achieve the necessary funds due to being not attractive to donors. It’s also normal that many campaigners feel like the cat got their tongue when faced with convincing donors that they should support them, as this might not be their first priority. But no worries, our wordsmith experts will help you craft the perfect campaign pitch at no cost to you.

After registering and uploading all the information and personal details needed by our writers to craft a top-notch campaign pitch for you, you are ready to set up an avatar. Send us your campaign title and your aim, as well as all the key facts, insights, and stories that you would like us to use. We will be ready to fill in the blanks for you!

Don’t be hesitant about sharing your personal details with us. We will be able to erase them completely from our database on your request after the project’s deadline. However, be mindful that the more key facts we are able to gather, the better your campaign will be. It has been seen that the most successful crowdsourcing ventures were born out of passionate stories. We will design a captivating pitch and show your donors the benefits and potential of your idea.

Ultimately, through the full support that we are able to provide to new and returning campaigners, you will be able to avoid all the impediments that most fundraisers are facing today. You will be protected from scammers, encouraged to share even the quirkiest idea, and inspired to pursue your lifetime goal.

We will take care of the write-up, social media outreach, and we will ensure that your idea is portrayed at its best. Through the Crowdfunding Bum extend free services, you will be able to focus entirely on the funding and launching of your product, without having to worry about the competition and learning specific skills. This is the platform where you will be able to create a great relationship with your donors and share thoughts with your fellow Bums.

For more information on using a new fundraising platform that is for everyone, check out Crowdfunding bum now!

Final thoughts.

We hope you stick around a while to find out more about all that Crowdfunding Bum has to offer. You will find ample reasons to choose us as your funding source.

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