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Notable cryptocurrency forums and messaging boards.

Cryptorum: A Cryptocurrency Message Board Review

Cryptorum: An Overview

If you look through many lists of the top crypto forums and message boards, you’ll likely see Cryptorum mentioned from time to time. It’s a comprehensive forum that’s easy to navigate, has a dozen or so different message boards, and offers a collection of crypto resources, including whitepapers, technical reports, and more. It seems as though it would be a shoo-in for being one of the leading cryptocurrency message boards out there. And at one time, it was. Unfortunately, the past couple of years have seen it attract fewer and fewer members. And while it still has daily activity, the number of regular posters has declined to the point where it’s not the ideal choice for anyone who wants a large community of crypto investors to bounce ideas off of.

What is Cryptorum?

The Cryptorum launched in 2017 and immediately attracted attention for being a clean, easy-to-navigate forum dedicated to all things crypto. Instead of focusing exclusively on Bitcoin or even cryptocurrencies more broadly, Cryptorum billed itself as a place where all things blockchain could be discussed. That’s why you can find a wide variety of boards to explore, from forums dedicated to price predictions and the best crypto trading platforms to issues surrounding decentralized finance and even NFTs. It has all the makings of a high-quality crypto forum. It’s just missing the one thing you need for a platform like this to thrive: users.

Unlike most other forums, there’s no easy way to find out how many registered users Cryptorum has. They don’t advertise that data. However, there are other ways to gauge forum use and activity. By noting the number of daily posts across the site, it’s clear that this forum has become something of a ghost town.

As of this writing, there have only been five posts total under the ‘Price Predictions’ forum since the beginning of 2022. That’s five posts in over three months. And if you visit the platform’s ‘Cryptocurrency News’ message board, you’ll discover that it’s not common to only get 10 or fewer posts per day. And that’s the site’s primary posting location.

But it’s not just that Cryptorum’s user base has dried up, it seems as though its admins have forgotten about it as well. It’s homepage’s latest news feed hasn’t been updated in over six months.

Who is Cryptorum for?

If large crowds scare you, Cryptorum may be right for you. It features a small, tight-knit community of crypto enthusiasts who are willing to share their knowledge and insight with newcomers. And there’s no doubt that you can find some hidden gems of knowledge and wisdom buried within its pages. But don’t expect to stay on top of the cryptocurrency market with Cryptorum. It’s simply too dead for that.

Getting Started with Cryptorum

If you’d like to check out Cryptorum for yourself, you can visit its homepage and read through posts right now. There’s no need to register or log-in. However, if you want to join the conversation (little as it may be), then you’ll need to create an account. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be able to post and respond to others’ posts.

TL;DR: Cryptorum has a clean look and user-friendly interface. Unfortunately, it’s also dead, with little to no activity on a daily basis. While this might be an acceptable supplement to your crypto-diet, it shouldn’t be the first place you look for community unless you prefer very small groups of people.

BitcoinTalk.org: A Cryptocurrency Message Board Review

BitcoinTalk Organization
BitcoinTalk.org: An Overview

If you’re looking for one of the largest, most active crypto message boards on the internet, then you need to visit BitcoinTalk.org’s Bitcoins forum. This community offers complete novices and hardened veterans the opportunity to connect, learn, and grow in their knowledge of bitcoin, altcoins, and more. It’s filled to the brim with expert opinion and deep analyses that will keep you reading for days. Every aspect of cryptocurrency is covered in this forum, from the best crypto trading platforms and the impact of crypto on the world economy to speculation tips and even crypto’s political ramifications. If you’re looking for sheer amount of knowledge and numbers of people, few platforms can top BitcoinTalk.org.

What is BitcoinTalk.org?

BitcoinTalk.org began life as the official Bitcoin forums, established by the cryptocurrency’s mysterious founder, Satoshi Nakamoto. This makes it the oldest forum, since it dates all the way back to Bitcoin’s beginnings in 2009. Originally, this forum was hosted on the bitcoin.org domain; however, it was moved to its current location in 2011, eliminating its “official” status. But that hasn’t kept its userbase from being one of the largest of any cryptocurrency message board. As of this writing, BitcoinTalk.org has nearly 3.5 million registered users and features almost 60 million posts and threads.

This massive number of registered users isn’t just a number though. It’s a sign of how active these message boards are. Each board sees regular, normally daily, posts. And moderators are normally good about cleaning them up, so you don’t have to wade through mountains of scammers to get to the good stuff.

On BitcoinTalk.org, you’ll discover boards dedicated to general discussion, mining, technical support, project development, marketplaces, politics, and more. There’s also a helpful beginners message board that can serve as the perfect starting point for anyone who’s just been introduced to cryptocurrency in general or Bitcoin more specifically.

Although BitcoinTalk.org was designed to support Bitcoin, the forums also include dedicated boards to altcoins and altcoin projects. Plus, there are dozens of foreign language boards, so knowing English isn’t a prerequisite for taking advantage of BitcoinTalk.org’s hive mind.

Who is BitcoinTalk.org for?

BitcoinTalk.org is the premier crypto message board and a must visit for anyone interested in the industry. Whether you’re new to crypto or have been investing in it since day one, this is the perfect place to connect with others and learn more about the opportunities inherent in blockchain technology. Newcomers can take advantage of the beginners’ board by asking questions and browsing through previous posts. Miners and developers can get deep dives into the technical side of bitcoin and how to fully take advantage of it. And everyone can walk away with a better understanding of bitcoin and a greater appreciation for the community supporting it.

Getting Started with BitcoinTalk.org

Like most online forums, BitcoinTalk.org is completely open to anyone with an internet connection. You won’t need to register or create an account to begin browsing the discussions and discovering the latest Bitcoin news. Simply direct your web browser to its homepage to begin your journey. And once you’ve decided that you’re ready to ask your own questions, creating an account takes mere seconds.

TL;DR: Starting its life as the official Bitcoin forums, BitcoinTalk.org has established itself as the leading digital forum for discussions about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Here, you’ll find valuable information that ranges from incredibly basic to deeply technical, with plenty of stuff that falls somewhere in between. No crypto investor should go more than a few days without at least checking in on BitcoinTalk.org.

Bitcoin Forum: A Cryptocurrency Message Board Review

Bitcoin Forum
Bitcoin Forum: An Overview

Bitcoin Forum (not to be confused with Bitcoin.com’s forum or BitcoinForum.com) is small community of bitcoin enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and developers who are dedicated to exploring all the possibilities of cryptocurrency more broadly and Bitcoin specifically. While this certainly isn’t the biggest or most active cryptocurrency message board on the internet, it does offer a tight-knit community that enjoys robust conversation and a willingness to encourage novice investors. This makes it a good choice for anyone who’s exploring Bitcoin and a great choice for more experienced crypto investors. Overall, it’s a middle-of-the-road choice that may be perfect for you if you find yourself meshing well with its current users.

What is Bitcoin Forum?

Bitcoin Forum began over five years ago as a place where people interested in cryptocurrencies could gather and discuss everything related to the industry, from upcoming projects to the economics of crypto. Since its inception, it’s gained a reputation for attracting a more academic and advanced user base. That’s why it has several boards dedicated to different Bitcoin protocols and app development. This forum isn’t just interested in helping users make a quick buck. It’s invested in the future of Bitcoin and its long-term development.

In addition to providing forums for people to discuss the more technical side of crypto, Bitcoin Forum also offers a place to talk about the intersection of cryptocurrency with law, politics, and economics. This is a great place to get a handle on what crypto means for the real world. And you’ll get plenty of different perspectives to listen to and mull over.

As has already been noted, Bitcoin Forum is not the largest platform by any stretch of the imagination. At a mere 9,300 members, it’s one of the smallest. But that doesn’t mean that it’s unhelpful. The members who are part of Bitcoin Forum are very active, keeping nearly every message board alive with multiple posts each day. Even the foreign language board has a steady flow of content streaming in. That’s impressive when you consider the comparable small number of registered users.

Who is Bitcoin Forum for?

Bitcoin Forum offers something for everyone. There’s plenty of content that would be perfect for any novice to begin getting their feet wet with, from recommendations regarding the best crypto trading platforms to analyses of Bitcoin’s value history and projections of its future value. Expert investors, on the other hand, will be able to enjoy technical discussions on a variety of topics, from mining to app development. There’s even a section on ICOs for anyone keeping a lookout on upcoming projects.

While Bitcoin Forum won’t unseat any of the major crypto message boards any time soon, it does provide a great alternative to them – especially if someone’s looking for something to supplement what they’re getting elsewhere.

Getting Started with Bitcoin Forum

All of Bitcoin Forum’s posts can be browsed by navigating to its homepage and searching through the forums. If you decide you want to ask a question or share your opinion, you can do so by creating an account. It’s all easy and self-explanatory, thanks to Bitcoin Forum’s minimalistic design and intuitive UX.

TL;DR: Whether you’re an experienced investor or a Bitcoin novice, Bitcoin Forum is a great crypto message board that offers wide ranging discussions on everything Bitcoin. It should be especially attractive to anyone who’s looking for a smaller, more tight-knit community.

Bitcoin for Beginners: A Cryptocurrency Message Board Review

Bitcoin for beginners
Bitcoin for Beginners: An Overview

Getting started in the world of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin can be absolutely overwhelming. There’s so much to learn, from new terms to novel technological concepts. At times, it can feel like entering a different country, complete with its own culture and language. This has been one of crypto’s greatest challenges since Satoshi Nakamoto first introduced Bitcoin to the world in 2009. BitcoinforBeginners.com is a forum that’s designed to be a sort of kiddie pool for those interested in crypto and Bitcoin. It allows people with no prior knowledge of cryptocurrency or blockchain technology to get their feet wet with the core ideas and concepts behind the biggest revolution since the printing press.

What is Bitcoin for Beginners?

As its name implies, Bitcoin for Beginners is a forum that’s built from the ground-up for people who have no prior experience with Bitcoin or blockchain technology. Even if you have no idea what Bitcoin’s value history has been and can’t name a single crypto trading platform, you’ll be able to log on to Bitcoin for Beginners and learn without feeling overwhelmed.

While many cryptocurrency message boards include a forum or two dedicated to novices, Bitcoin for Beginners offers a whole host of boards for that purpose. This allows newer investors to hone in on the information they need more effectively, since they can go straight to the ‘Wallets Help’ or ‘Initial Coin Offerings’ boards to ask questions and get the relevant answers they need. Bitcoin for Beginners doesn’t take itself too seriously either. So, once your brain is hurting from information overload, you’ll be able to visit the ‘Crypto Humor’ board for a few laughs.

Not only is Bitcoin for Beginners user friendly in its content and approach, but it also features one of the best designs of any crypto message board. It’s clean, simple, and modern. And everything is self-explanatory, so you never find yourself searching for that one button or feature that you know is there but can’t find.

With all of this in mind, you’re probably thinking, “This must be the best platform for newer Bitcoin investors!” And you’d almost be right. The problem is that Bitcoin for Beginners simply doesn’t have the userbase or level of activity that most people need if they’re going to advance in their crypto journey. With a meager 3,400 users and 152 threads, you won’t get far if this is your exclusive Bitcoin information destination.

Who is Bitcoin for Beginners for?

It should be apparent that Bitcoin for Beginners is aimed at people new to Bitcoin and crypto. If you’re not a beginner, you shouldn’t even consider a visit. There’s almost no content that a more experienced bitcoin enthusiast will find helpful (with the possible exception of an ICO suggestion).

Unfortunately, we can’t even really recommend Bitcoin for Beginners who novices either because of the lack of content. With fewer than 200 threads, you could probably read the entire forum in an afternoon. On the other hand, there are people who will respond (eventually), so if you want to ask a question, this may be a good place to post it in addition to other forums.

Getting Started with Bitcoin for Beginners

You can browse Bitcoin for Beginners’ entire forum without signing up or creating account. Simply visit the Bitcoin for Beginners homepage to get started. It won’t take long for you to work your way through the whole forum though. So if you’re really going to take advantage of the forum, you’ll want to create an account by clicking ‘Register’ at the top of the page. That way, you’ll be able to freely ask questions and interact with others.

TL;DR: Bitcoin for Beginners is a forum that is solely aimed at helping people new to cryptocurrency get a better understanding of the technology and its uses. Unfortunately, the lack of activity makes it a hard sell unless you’re going to be the one asking questions. And even then, you may be waiting days (or weeks) for a response.

CryptoFaucets.org: A Cryptocurrency Message Board Review

CryptoFaucets Forum
CryptoFaucets.org: An Overview

Crypto message boards are a dime a dozen, with most of them following a similar pattern. They offer an online space for crypto novices and experts to chat, debate, and learn about cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and blockchain technology. They’re the perfect place for discovering the best crypto trading platforms or tracking bitcoin’s value history. But most of them are weak in one area: showing how average people can make money right now in crypto. That’s where CryptoFacets.org comes in. This platform offers users the chance to talk about current money-making opportunities in the crypto space. So, if you’re looking for a platform that gets down to business, CryptoFaucets.org is a great option.

What is CryptoFaucets.org?

Started in 2016, CryptoFacets.org is dedicated to exploring the best crypto faucets and other crypto earning projects. For those who may be unfamiliar with the term, a crypto faucet is a platform that lets users earn crypto by completing some minor task. This is just one of the ways that the blockchain revolution has made it possible for average people to make real money.

While CryptoFaucets.org focuses on these kinds of real-world earnings potential, that’s not the only thing you’ll find on these forums. They also offer robust discussions of the latest crypto news and projects. There’s even a dedicated message board for reporting scams – something that’s run rampant over the past few years within the crypto space.

Since CryptoFaucets.org is one of the more niche crypto message boards, it’s not surprising that its userbase is smaller. Only a little more than 4,000 members are registered with the platform. Though that doesn’t mean it’s inactive. For such a small number of users, the forums are surprisingly active, with multiple posts going up each and every day. Naturally, you’ve got to look out for scammers and others who want to take advantage of the crypto revolution, but that’s something you’ll find on any platform dedicated to cryptocurrency or Bitcoin.

Overall, if you’re looking for a great place to learn about real opportunities to make money with crypto – CryptoFaucets.org should be high on your list of forums to visit.

Who is CryptoFaucets.org for?

CryptoFaucets.org is not really for beginners. You’ll want to have a decent handling on crypto terminology and concepts before browsing these halls. But once you understand the basics of crypto, this is a great place to begin exploring ways to put the blockchain to use for you. More experienced investors will benefit from giving this forum the occasional browse. If nothing else, it will give them an idea or two they can explore elsewhere.

Getting Started with CryptoFaucets.org

If you’d like to begin checking out all of the opportunities discussed on CryptoFaucets.org, you can visit its homepage right now. If all you want to do is read, you won’t need to create an account or register. However, if you’d like to ask questions about any of the projects or share any you’ve come across, you will need to register and log in. Fortunately, doing so requires only an e-mail and a minute or two.

TL;DR: If you’re ready to move beyond hypothetical discussions of cryptocurrency and its potential toward how it can help you earn money right now, CryptoFaucets.org is a great place to start. While it isn’t the busiest forum in the world, its focus on practicality makes a visit well worth it.

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