This particular platform is in a league of its own when you compare it to some competitors like Kickstarter or CrowdfundingBum, or any others. Most often, one hears that expression when it is in reference to something really good. We say it here to mean that this particular platform is meant for very situational scenarios. 

This platform was launched out in LA about seven years ago, catering to the “high impact ventures” crowd. Crowdfunder CEO and founder Chance Barnett had a big hand in the JOBS Act, which was legislation that passed in the year 2012 to open up equity crowdfunding laws in the United States. This bill meant that organizations like Crowdfunder could now exist-beforehand, equity crowdfunding was illegal in the USA.

So, what is all this fancy terminology, this “equity crowdfunding” business?”

It simply means that only accredited investors can use this particular platform. So, who qualifies, anyway? 

Stipulations for Crowdfunder

  • You must have an annual income of $200K or $300K jointly for at least the last two years with the expectation being that you will earn the same, if not higher, for the coming year.
  • You can also have a net worth that exceed one million dollars, either by yourself or with a spouse. (You cannot count the value of your home as part of your net worth.)
  • You can be a general partner, director, executive officer, or a combination of these titles for the issuer of unregistered securities
  • You can be an entity of a private business development company or have an organization that has assets that exceed 5 million dollars. 
  • You can be a registered broker or investment advisor
  • You can be an individual who can demonstrate expert knowledge or job experience of unregistered securities.

Indeed, when we said this platform was in a league of its own, we weren’t kidding. This is not for the bulk of us regular people seeking charity, help with a personal cause, or non-profit donations. This is for entrepreneurs and startups that have the potential for very high growth. This is definitely meant for a very special group of people who need capital for their project; for the best of the best, if you will. 

Amazing Statistics For Crowdfunder


On their website, you can find some pretty amazing statistics for crowdfunder regarding what they’ve done. 

Granted this is as of 2018, so bear in mind that this is definitely different: 

  • A total of $160 million in investment commitments have been made on the platform
  • There are 12K individual investors as well as institutional ones
  • There are 36,000 companies funded
  • Over a hundred deals have been funded at the average investment price tag of 1.8 million

You have to be ready to pay the piper. This platform does NOT charge you a percentage fee off what you raise when it comes to most crowdfunding sites (pro tip: we don’t have a platform fee at CrowdfundingBum) but you must be ready to pay $300 a month to get the services they offer. In other words, you better be very sure about what it is you are doing and confident in is ability to succeed. It is a high risk, high reward platform that will lead you to a network of the most elite venture capitalists. 

Who They Serve Crowdfunder?

Aside from being a crowdfunding site that caters to very specific individuals, the purposes are specific, too. 

The main projects funded on the Crowdfunder platform include tech startups, small business ventures, films and other entertainment projects, and social enterprises. This is a stark difference in a world of Kickstarter vs. CrowdfundingBum in which you can pretty much fund whatever it is you like, so long as it meets the requirements. 

Another thing we found that added to the exclusivity of the site was the “private deal room” feature of the platform. You can set this up for free, create a profile for company, store documents related to your deal for viewing, and invite members of the team to collaborate. But in order to get funding underway and make the campaign public, you have to sign up for at least the basic plan at $299. 

Crowdfunder Plan Pricing and Fees

So, we already told you about the crowdfunder basic plan, which is $299. You get:

-Deal alerts

-The chance to fundraise

-A public profile

The Premium Plan is $499. 

You get:


-Public views on your profile

-Deal alerts

-Fundraising ability

-One hour of support a month

The Premium Plus Plan is $999 a month. 

You get all the features of the Premium package and paying this on time for three months gets you one free month after. 

You can pay through any major credit card and also get a refund within 24 hours if you change your mind. 

As you probably guessed, these guys aren’t shy about making sure you PAY for what you get. This is designed for a very specific group of entrepreneurs who are confident that their success is eminent. On CrowdfundingBum, we like to let everybody try their hand at getting their project up and running-after all, we have built in backers, AND our experts write up your campaign pitch for you. This is a free service, even the elites would probably say it’s a good way to crowdfund smartly and save some time and dollars in the process!

Plus, the general feeling we got exploring the site led us to believe this was for people who had studied business and knew the ins and outs of the industry, not people who are just starting out. It’s rather intimidating in that regard. Plus, CrowdfundingBumcharges no platform fees, so this makes it an even sweeter deal for amateurs 

Our Bottom Line

This platform is just so darn specific about what it is they are looking for. We don’t fault them for it; after all it definitely separates the amateurs from the professionals. If you know you’ve got a project that has HUGE growth potential, then this platform is only going to make you grow bigger and stronger. For the majority of us, though, a site like CrowdfundingBum is just the easier way to go. 

Final thoughts about Crowdfunder

Before you go running off to Crowdfunder, we hope you stick around a while to find out more about all that Crowdfunding Bum has to offer. You will find ample reasons to choose us as your funding source.

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