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I have a campaign at another website, can I create a sister campaign at crowdfunding bum?


All crowdfunding campaigns need not be exclusive to Crowdfunding Bum.

So with that said, if all you need is a link back to a pre-existing campaign why not share it with our community via Guest Posting.


Is this website for sale?

Yes, at

How does Crowdfunding Bum combat campaign fraud?

Because crowdfunding is built on trust, it’s ripe for fraud. We believe our crowdfunding platform addresses this issue by requiring campaigners to donate to a community member’s campaign a small percentage of what they would like to raise before their campaign is activated. No scammer would donate; it’s not in their nature.

When I get a donation, where does the money go?

It goes right into your PayPal if paid via PayPal, or Stripe if paid via credit card. Don’t have a Stripe account? Sign up with the Stripe payment gateway to get paid directly to your own account. The process is simple, and there are no setup or monthly fees. Connect with Stripe via the “creator account” tab in your dashboard to get started.


What fees do you charge?

Starting a campaign on Crowdfunding Bum is absolutely FREE.

Fund raiser has to make a donation first to a member or a combination of members that add up to 3% of what they want to raise before they can post their campaign.

We charge a competitive 5% of the total funds raised as a site administrative fee. This fee is automatically deducted when you receive a donation – you do not get any bills from us.

In lieu of the small fees we deduct; we provide you with the personal one-on-one support, features, a trusted crowdfunding platform and access to a large number of supporters that keep the donations coming.

While some crowdsourcing sites claim they are ‘100% Free’ but they actually charge donors. Crowdfunding Bum never charges anything from donors. And there are NO hidden costs involved.

We recommend incorporating two payment gateways – PayPal and Stripe.

Stripe charges an additional minimal fee of 2.9% + 30¢ per successful card charge

PayPal Adaptive Charges:
Monthly Sales
Your Fee Per Transaction
$0 – $3,000
2.9% + $0.30
$3.20 fee on a $100 sale
$3,000+ – $10,000
2.5% + $0.30*
$2.80 fee on a $100 sale
2.2% + $0.30*
$2.50 fee on a $100 sale
For details, call 800-514-4920.

If after funds are transferred, I decide I want my money back can I get a refund?

No! All monetary funding transactions are final. Furthermore, we can’t think of a more crummy thing to do then taking back a donation for a fundraising campaign, so please don’t ask us to.

What happens if the funds raised exceed the target amount?

Crowdfunding Bum is based on “you keep each and every donation you receive” concept. In other words, it does not matter whether the target amount has been achieved or even exceeded, at the end of the target date, the member can withdraw the money from our platform.

What happens if my project gets fully funded before my deadline date?

Your donations less, processing and administrative fees will be deposited into your PayPal or Stripe account.

So it pays to be actively promoting your own project and being realistic with your funding goal.

To whom does the 3% donation restriction apply?

The 3% pledge restriction is only for those who wish to post a request for crowd funding. Anyone can fund a member. As a member of the community you could give anonymously. So give generously.

If I donate 3% to a member in order to post a project, will I receive 3% in donations from other members?

It’s certainly a possibility but it’s up to the members to choose who they will donate to.

Why 3%? Why not 1% or 10%?

Our research shows us that 3% is the sweet spot, not too much not too little.

No other crowdfunding website has a donation requirement to post a project, why is this necessary?

Giving is in a steep decline worldwide. Many well-known charities are having a hard time making ends meet. Backers and donors are cherry picking projects looking for serious projects to back. Gone are the days of project managers asking for a million dollars to fund a cool multi-colored Pez dispenser, well maybe not a Pez dispenser but you get the gist.

Backers and donors know that if a project manager is willing to give into the community 3% of what they will be asking for, then what’s being asked for should be reasonable and warranted.

No one would donate $30,000 into another member’s project for a chance to fund a million dollar multi-colored Pez dispenser. At least we don’t think so.

Bottom line, we’re not just looking for any project, we’re looking for the right project and so are our backers and donors.

How are we different from other more popular crowdfunding sites?

Everyone Donates! In a true community everyone pitches in, not just the backers and donors, everyone. If you are looking for funding why not help someone in the community first.

That’s what makes Crowdfunding Bum unique. Fundraisers have to make a donation first to a member or a combination of members that add up to 3% of what they want to raise before they can post their campaigns. THIS ACTIVATES THE LIFE PRINCIPLE OF SOWING AND REAPING. This principle is irrevocable; there is no way around it, either for the believer of the principle or for the unbeliever. IT IS A LAW OF LIFE!

Because of this principle, you will get donations from complete strangers in the community, making Crowdfunding Bum the first and only self-funding crowdfunding platform on the planet. So the sooner you become a crowdfunding bum member the sooner you can start receiving donations from the crowdfunding bum community.

“You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

– Hilary Hinton “Zig” Ziglar American author, salesman, and motivational speaker