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Crowdfunding Bum is the most reliable crowdfunding platform for fundraising.
Build your inspiring campaign – for individuals and organizations.


Register to build your campaign in a few easy steps.

Crowdfunding Bum makes fundraising simple, hassle-free and compelling for all! With our simple system you just need to go along with the basic steps provided, and you can be registered and ready to promote your campaigns in no time!


Write your cause, share your story.

Crowdfunding Bum is a caring community of dynamic donors, friends, strangers and people who believe in the art of giving something back and making a difference. Being able to give something back inspires us to continue to grow, improve and evolve. For anyone who wants to have both a positive outcome themselves as well as help others, then Crowdfunding Bum is the perfect place to be.

All you have to do is tell us about your cause and your story, and you will be well on your way to getting plenty of funding support!

With our crowdfunding portal, you can easily create your inspiring campaign and story to raise funds for your personal, charity or institutional cause.


Donate to receive.

This is what sets us apart from every other fundraising website. You don’t have to go it alone at crowdfunding bum. The Crowdfunding Bum community will help fund your campaign for you! This makes it much easier for your campaigns to kick off and to prevent your dreams from dying before they get off the ground.

All other crowdfunding sites requires you to find donors and backers to fund your own campaign. However, here we help you get started by actively helping you get the donations you need. This means that any crowdfunding carried out through our platform is likely to deliver a positive outcome.

Many people fail because they don’t get enough starting backing to garner public interest – we take that problem out of the equation and make it easier than ever for you to find eager backers and donors who understand and appreciate your ideas, you can rest assured knowing that your funding is coming.

The Crowdfunding Bum community is actively looking to its new members to make small donations so that they can activate their own projects. But don’t worry these small donations are automatically deducted from the funds raised.

No out of pocket cost to you, so the sooner you become a crowdfunding bum member the sooner you can start receiving donations from the crowdfunding bum community.

Ready with your campaign? Great!

All you need to do is to browse through other members campaigns and support the projects that interest you to fulfill someone’s else’s vision and make the world a better place. You will experience first hand the joy of giving and truly come to believe that it is far better to give than to receive.

You simply need to choose an existing  member from the create a campaign page who will receive 3% of what you raise. This is all that you need to do – it really is a simple, easy charitable giving that helps not only you, but others in the community. Once done, your campaign will be ready to go LIVE!


Make your profile inspiring.

Backers and donors are always seeking inspiration. To inspire them you need to give them a reason to feel truly inspired – so make sure that you go to great lengths to inspire others with your profile. Make your campaign compelling for others, giving plenty of reasons why taking part in your dream is such a vital element of both your own and others success.

Now you have full command over how you will be moving forward with your plan. With the help of this crowdfunding platform you can make your profile utterly inspiring, giving people all the help that they need to fully appreciate what – and why – your campaign exists.

This is where many people struggle with but the one thing you should do here is just tell the truth. Inspire people to invest by giving them the story of why this exists in the first place!


Share with family & friends

Crowdfunding Bum is all about getting like minded individuals and organizations to work bilaterally for the purpose of helping one another fulfill the wants, needs, dreams and aspirations of the community.

Spread the word across social networks to reach more potential backers and donors. Get friends and family involved and you can start to get a new, exciting train going! People will start to share you vision regularly and a new domino effect will kick into place. All you have to do is simply get on social media and start spreading the word. Tell friends via SMS and in real life, too!

This can be the catalyst to getting your show on the road, so be sure to share with as many friends and family as possible for proper interaction and to give you a real chance of succeeding here.

Your Crowdfunding Bum profile will prominently display your:
Amount Donated
Funding Target


Accept online funding securely and easily

Receive donations to your cause through credit card, debit card or net banking.

Follow Up / Give

Let everyone know how you did. Be grateful. A simple acknowledgement is all it takes. A simple gesture is enough to let people know that you appreciate their effort and their commitment to the cause.

Send thank-you notes to supporters – let them know that you care about their input and that it helps everyone out. A little note only takes a few seconds to send, and it can be the difference between someone donating and someone donating, then sharing!

Assist an ongoing campaign – don’t just soak it all up for yourself, give something back!

Why Crowdfunding Bum?

  • The only self-funding crowdfunding website
  • Starting a campaign on Crowdfunding Bum is FREE
  • No out of pocket cost to you to start a campaign
  • No penalty if you don’t raise the total amount
  • Customize your campaign page in minutes
  • Mobile-friendly campaigns
  • You choose your own goal and deadline!
  • Get your queries answered through email support
  • Keep every donation you receive
  • Get updates on your campaign’s progress via email
  • Make your campaign impactful with images, videos & personalized messages

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