In order to curtail campaign fraud, Crowdfunding Bum has decided to implement a “backers reward receipt policy”.

We withhold 70% of all donations until all rewards are shipped and backers have received their perks.

Backers can now rest assured knowing that they will receive their promised rewards or get a guaranteed 70% refund of their donation less platform fee (fee temporarily waived) and gateway processing fees as stipulated in our terms of use agreement.

Be aware that not all non delivery is fraud, sometimes campaigners fail to produce a working prototype and can’t deliver the rewards promised. Donations are needed to work out the kinks of a prototype or a crowdfunding initiative. Please consider this when asking for a refund of your donation.

Note: Chargebacks impact negatively all parties involved including our platform. Hence, requesting a chargeback from the credit card processor will be considered a violation of our term of use.

If you can’t obtain a refund amicably via the campaign manager, please contact us through our support desk. We’re here to help you resolve all your crowdfunding issues.