Do you own a WordPress site, and wish to collect money for your good cause? Whether your goal is to buy supplies for needy shelter pets, help kids in less fortunate countries get educational resources, or raise money for church, this is a great platform on which to do it. GiveWP is one way to go if you fit these particular parameters.

Give was first started back in 2009, and the team has since then been dedicated to the cause of simply helping people out. GiveWP primary mission is to help organizations bring in donations, bring light to their causes, and overall provide an easy donor experience.

After all, a seamless experience is one way to ensure a conversion takes place and donations come in. Their primary goal is to offer the basic plugin for nothing, although they do entice even the smallest causes with their helpful addons. 

Having a WordPress site and wanting donations means you need a plugin to do it. There are some choices out there, but most people find themselves choosing the GiveWp plugin. 

This particular plugin is known for its partnerships with charities, and it provides knowledge and publicity, so the cause is known, and non-profits make some money, while simultaneously spreading the word about their charitable pursuits. 

The plugin itself is free, and the developers do not charge transaction fees. 

CrowdfundingBum does not charge platform fees, and our expert writers can also provide your cause a well written description so that those who stumble upon your campaign feel compelled to give, even just a little!

GiveWP makes all their development monies through the sales of various addons. 

CrowdfundingBum doesn’t require you to have a WordPress site, and you can also enjoy our build-in backers too.  

Features of GiveWP

One cool thing we noticed was that you do start off with a totally free plugin for donation. The features are easy to use and solid for many small businesses. Many of you will find it necessary to expand and get some of the nice add-ons they offer. They are offered at a price, and most users did find them to be reasonable. 

Here’s what you get with the free plugin: 

-Donation forms you can brand yourself, complete with custom fields and options to set up recurring payments

-All forms fit beautifully with all WordPress themes-they can be mix and matched. 

-The forms offer tools you can use to ask for multiple donation amounts. 

-A management center in which you can export user data and manage donations

-A tool to make tax-deductible slips for donors

-The ability to integrate with third party tools to assist in donor management

-Management reports about your particular campaign

-You can filter reports based upon forms, dates and payment methods

-You can get advanced reports with info like the amount of money that has been donated, who has donated it, and what time periods all these actions were taken

These templates are available for your donation forms:

-Donation Goals

-Customizable fields

-Credit card acceptance

-Multi-Level donations

-Mode Form Popups

-Donations given on a recurring basis

Here are the addons most users enjoy:

-PDF sales receipts

-PayMill gateway

-Dwolla Gateway

-WePay Gateway

-2Checkout gateway


-Email Reports

-Razorpay Gateway

-Constant Contact

-CCAvenue Gateway

There are plenty more, too. The user-friendliness and functionality of this particular platform was really what struck us. They definitely figured out their target demographic is really out for ease of use instead of complicated software you’d have to hire an engineer to operate. 

Prices and Getting Support on GiveWP

This is available for free. You do not have to worry about paying a single cent to get the basic of the most basic functions of this plugin. 

That being said, you wonder how they make any money off this plugin. This is done through addon sales, and they really do help your organization out in terms of keeping things orderly and easily retrieved. 

Of course, this depends on which addon you buy, but most of them are quite similar. The Fee Recovery addon, for instance, is sold at the following price: 

$97 for a single site

$147 for up to 5 sites

$197 for up to 15 sites

This is billed on a yearly basis. You can cancel the subscription at any given time. This is just for one single add on, and many of you will find it helpful to opt for one of their bundle packages. 

Give WP Bundle Pricing

Basic-You pay $147 a year and get 22 premium addons. You get a license for a single site, and a year of updates and support, too. 

Plus-You pay $297 per year, get 24 premium addons, a single site license, and a year of updates and support. 

Pro-You pay $397 per year, get 24 premium addons, licenses for five different sites and a year of updates and support. 

Fees You Pay on Give WP

Aside from paying for the addons you will no doubt wish for, you will of course have to pay for the various fees that come with the platform. 

The payment gateway fee will probably be around 2.9% or so, depending on your particular choice. You will also pay a transaction fee of 30 cents per donation. We did notice that similar to CrowdfundingBum there was no platform fee, so one does not have to worry about those particular fees.

However, those yearly addon costs can add up, especially if your cause is small with few donors. 

So, Who Should Download This? 

Well, this one is best suited for those who have sites with WordPress and an organization that collects donations at the same time. It really only caters to those who have WordPress sites. At CrowdfundingBum, we just help everybody out, regardless of what site platform you’re operating on. 

This one is definitely a niche crowdfunder when we look at kickstarter vs. CrowdfundingBum options. Not a bad site by any means, but a little narrow in its customer base, if you ask us. 

Final thoughts.

Before installing GiveWp on your website, we hope you stick around a while to find out more about all that Crowdfunding Bum has to offer. You will find ample reasons to choose us as your funding source.

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