Are you looking for an excellent plugin to ease your donation collecting for a WordPress site? Do you want to spread the word and raise funds for your good causes? No matter if you’re going to buy supplies for needy shelter pets, orphan kids, help children in less fortunate countries get educational resources or raise money for the church. The one answer for all your above needs is GiveWP. This platform is well-suited to solve all the above problems.

GiveWp was established in 2009. This dedicated team has done awe-inspiring work in helping people out. GiveWP’s primary mission is to help organizations bring in donations, bring light to their causes, and overall provide an easy donor experience. A seamless donation experience is the splendor of this plugin.

When it comes to donation activity, a smooth way is required to know a detailed big picture of every donation at any time. Their main objective is to include the simple plugin like GiveWP for free, but they do their utmost to draw even the most negligible causes with their valuable add-ons.

If you have a WordPress site and you need to raise donations. All you need is a plugin that will do this job for you. Many platforms offer fundraising plugins that connect to your website. GiveWP plugin is popular among them.

This amazing plugin is known for its partnerships with charities, and it provides knowledge and publicity, so you now know the cause; non-profits make some money while simultaneously spreading the word about their charitable pursuits.

GiveWP itself is a free plugin, and you don’t need to pay any extra fees to the developers.

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Many platforms are making money from providing different add-ons on multiple pricing plans. GiveWP is also one of them, who make all their development dues from various add-ons sales.

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GiveWP Amazing Features


You can start using this fantastic plugin for donation, absolutely free. Is not that sounding amazing? Easy to handle features and solid specifications and the perfect design to suit your needs for small businesses. Add-ons are also available to expand your business. The services they offer at many reasonable prices. So no one from you would like to miss this opportunity.

It can be integrated with a wide variety of platforms, and the fundraising support form is a great feature to attract a targeted audience. GiveWP is one of the best options for online fundraisers.

Here’s what you are getting with this free GiveWP plugin: 

-Donation forms you can brand yourself, complete with custom fields and options to set up recurring payments.

-All forms fit beautifully with all WordPress themes-they can be mix and matched.

-The forms offer tools you can use to ask for multiple donation amounts.

-A management center in which you can export user data and manage donations

-A tool to make tax-deductible slips for donors

-The ability to integrate with third-party tools to assist in donor management

-Management reports about your particular campaign

-Reports can be filtered based on forms, dates, and payment methods.

-Advance reporting feature is also available for detailed reporting. All this information is recorded in an advance report for all your transactions to know the exact time.

These templates are available for your donation forms:

-Donation Goals

-Customizable fields

-Credit card acceptance

-Multi-Level donations

-Mode Form Popups

-Donations given on a recurring basis

Here are the add-ons most users enjoy:

-PDF sales receipts

-PayMill gateway

-Dwolla Gateway

-WePay Gateway

-2Checkout gateway


-Email Reports

-Razorpay Gateway

-Constant Contact

-CCAvenue Gateway

The list goes on. You cannot ignore its unique features and functionality. The most noteworthy and remarkable things about this platform are its user-friendliness and functionality. You do not need to hire an engineer to operate it. As it does not come with complicated software and they figured out their target demographic is out for ease of use

Prices and Getting Support on GiveWP

The primary functions of this plug-in are accessible without any charges. Of course, you don’t need to pay a single cent for this. These all are available free of charge.

A question may click in your mind. How they make money from this plugin? This is accomplished by add-on purchases, which are extremely helpful to your company in keeping items organized and very easy to retrieve.

Of course, this depends on which add-on you buy, but most of them are quite similar. The Fee Recovery add-on, for instance, is sold at the following price: 

$97 for a single site

$147 for up to 5 sites

$197 for up to 15 sites

The rates mentioned above are charges yearly. GiveWP is flexible in terms of subscription. If you do not want to continue further, you can easily cancel your subscription at any time. This option is for a single add-one. It is helpful to opt for one of their bundle packages.

GiveWP Bundle Pricing

Basic-You pay $147 a year and get 22 premium add-ons. You get a license for a single site, and a year of updates and support, too. 

Plus-You pay $297 per year, get 24 premium add-ons, a single site license, and a year of updates and support. 

Pro-You pay $397 per year, get 24 premium add-ons, licenses for five different sites and a year of updates and support. 

Fees You Pay on GiveWP

No one wishes to pay further charges. Excluding paying for the add-ons in GiveWP.In this platform, different fees are charged. Depending upon your selection, around 2.9% payment gateway fee is charged approximately.

A processing fee of 30 cents will be added to each donation. We notice, however, that there was no platform charge, similar to CrowdfundingBum, so those fees are not a problem. CrowdfundingBum is quite distinct in its incredible services. Those yearly add-on costs, on the other hand, can add up rapidly, above all if your cause is small and has few donors.

So, Who Should Download This? 

If you have sites with WordPress plugin, then is the right choice for you. This is a brilliant working and a great organization that also collect donation at the same time. WordPress site owners can take significant advantage of its services as it fully caters to WordPress sites. Not only this, CrowdfundingBum has plenty of options according to your website domain and requirement. So, this is good news for everyone who wants to put their fundraising in a higher gear. CrowdfundingBum has very effective campaigns to achieve your goals.

This one is definitely a niche crowdfunder when we look at kickstarter vs. CrowdfundingBum options. If you ask my opinion, it is not a bad site by any means, but a little narrow in its customer base.

Final thoughts.

Before installing GiveWp on your website, we hope you stick around a while to find out more about all that Crowdfunding Bum has to offer. You will find ample reasons to choose us as your funding source.

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