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art by Dan Schaefer, colour by Grant Kempster

Minding Mama' is a comic book series written by Elaine Jackson, Illustrated by Dan Schaefer and colored by Grant Kempster. 

Mama, her infant son and Cyril the Farmbot live on Earth several hundred years into our future. Decades of intense solar flare activity have left the surface uninhabitable. Only robots such as Farmbots Cyril and Celia can spend any time on the surface, where they attempt to cultivate UV-resistant crops. But the Farmbots are old, and starting to break down...

Celia FarmBot by Dan Schaefer

Facing starvation and determined to save her son, Mama embarks on a series of dangerous journeys with Cyril the Farmbot to find other survivors. In doing so she uncovers facts about her origins which deeply trouble her.

We have already successfully raised funds to create our promotional trailer featuring Kate Davies-Speak (web series 'Horizon', indie films 'Escape from Cannibal Farm', 'The Barge People') as Mama and David Learner (Marvin the Paranoid Android stage & TV versions of 'The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy') as the voice of Cyril the Farmbot.

Kate Davies-Speak as Mama - image Stephen R Cox

As with any illustrated creation, the biggest costs are artist fees and shipping costs. The cover price will be £3.99  (excluding postage)  and each issue will be 32 pages of full colour. We estimate that it will be print-ready in Spring 2019.

By offering page sponsorship and digital copies of artwork we can share Mama and Cyril's adventures virtually anywhere.


As work progresses, we'll share some First Looks here!

Amanda Fullwood Poster Art (comes in various sizes, see Reward Tiers) 

If you're wondering what this fabulous poster would look like on your wall, there's a nifty App called IArt which can show you. Here's an example:

Now we don't yet have the cover completed, but here's a rough sketch by Dan Schaefer of what it will probably look like: 

1st draft cover art by Dan Schaefer

More to come soon!

When will the physical rewards ship?

How will physical items be shipped?

Poster Art will ship in sturdy cardboard tubes - the comic itself will go out in protective cardboard mailers - in the US we understand they're known as Gemini Flash Mailers, here in the UK we don't have those but Diamond supply sturdy protective mailers which we'll use.

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