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NEW & EXCITING super-spy action thriller film franchise
  • NEW & EXCITING super-spy action thriller film franchise for Fund Raising
  • NEW & EXCITING super-spy action thriller film franchise for Fund Raising
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About this project

This film franchise is a set of 4 films, the synopsis/outlines done, ready for script/screenplay completion and promotion/marketing to movie studios and production companies, big and small. As an up & coming indie filmmaker and screenwriter, I have written a 4 movie outline/treatment ready for perusal to potential production collaborators - listed below. I would like to thank, in advance, all supporters; whether it is $5, $25, $50, $1,000 or more, all crowdfunding support is appreciated. It makes dreams into reality !

This franchise is about a black American CIA operative. Agent Flint has all the attributes of Ethan Hunt, Jason Bourne, James Bond and even Indiana Jones combined. The franchise's films, 4 of them so far (detailed below), stories, backgrounds, locales, plots and supporting cast all have a unique & interwoven connection to the lead character. And, there has never been an international, debonair, super-spy movie lead character who happens to be black; unlike the contemporaries listed above.

This franchise would be starring an actor the likes of Denzel Washington, Idris Elba, Chadwick Boseman, Anthony Mackie - take your pick.

Here is the synopsis & outlines for the 4 films ready for production:

4-part franchise series: SAME format: Jason Bourne, James Bond, Indiana Jones, Ethan Hunt : "The Artifact" "Our Man Flint" "In Like Flint" "Flint Strikes Again"…

- "signature" opening, Agent Flint opening a Zippo lighter, striking it and lighting a cigar, then a big grin, camera zooms out…

- BACKGROUND: CIA agent Flint who studied ancient civilizations (NOT archaeology) - his Mom is a classical singer - his Dad was a museum curator in Nigeria who fled to America in 1970 following the 1967-70 civil war in Biafra - it makes Flint a natural born U.S. citizen, born in 1972 - after college, U.S. marine in the Gulf War, then recruited by CIA

1st movie: "The Artifact": opening scene: daily shift briefing, lists an international black-market auction in Moscow - one of the items is a Biafran artifact stolen in 1969 during the civil war - it doesn't interest the CIA; Flint knows all about it and is enraged - he hears of a Russian sleeper agent stationed in Toronto, Canada & has info to sell - he meets the agent in Toronto to discuss money for info - Flint goes to Toronto; meeting with the agent during a Blue Jays baseball game (a safe, public place), a Russian assassin kills the informant in the restroom & takes the documents; Flint has a battle with him, near the top of the retractable roof at Skydome/Rogers Centre on the catwalk (while the game is going on; make it Blue Jays vs Dodgers); the assassin gets away and is tracked to Los Angeles; a Danish secret agent Matilda de Fleur (female) is also tracking the Russian agent & info to L.A. - Flint has a funny action chase scene with Fleur on the Santa Monica pier; the documents goes over the railing into the water; they both dive in and each recovers half; they have to work together - the assassin is tracked to the Middle-East where Mossad agent Natalia Waif joins them (love triangle with humor) - typical chase scenes (Jerusalem - Israel; keystone cop chase with IDF & Hamas added in) - all 3 go to Moscow to infiltrate the black-market auction; typical action scenes with the women providing distraction while Flint steals the artifacts - during the entire movie, Flint is texting/talking with a friend Darius Royal; Royal knows some info and is a side-kick helping out, bumbling along most of the time - Flint and the 2 girls meet up with Royal in Niagara Falls; thinking the chase is over - the Russian assassin tracks them; he is thoroughly pissed now - chase scenes in Niagara Falls, Canada around the casino, international bridge & tourist areas (summertime with thousands of tourists getting in the way) - chase ends up on a small yacht up-river; Flint & the Russian fight while Waif is tied up as hostage - Royal steals a TV news helicopter with Fleur; they follow the yacht; at the last moment, Flint knocks the Russian down in the lower cabin; Fleur is on the helicopter skid and grabs his arm just as the yacht goes over the world famous Horseshoe Falls. Potential casting:Derek Flint: Idris Elba, Darius Royal: Kevin Hart, Matilda Fleur: Charlize Theron/Cindy Sampson/Scarlett Johannson, Natalia Waif: Zoe Saldana/Ashanti/Rashida Jones, Russian sleeper agent: Anton Yelchin type actor, Russian assassin: Vladimir Mashkov/Ryan Kwanten

2nd movie: Our Man Flint - due to economic crises throughout South America, U.S. business interests tied to CIA operations are under threat by hostile governments; stashes of rare turquois, alexandrite, red beryl & diamonds, used in business deals are being stolen in brazen daylight attacks (M.I. style attacks) - CIA suspects FARC & ISIS factions collaborating, wanting to fund attacks in U.S., Canada & Europe - Agent Flint & fellow agent Abigale Esme are sent to Rio de Janiero to assist U.S. corporate executive Oakley Alton (evil but incompetent); unbeknownst to Flint & Esme, Alton has made a back-door deal with FARC leader Matias d'Andres - by this time, former Marine & pilot Darius Royal is now a civilian contractor working with Flint; stationed in Buenos Aries - Argentinian covert ops agent Wasker Tubau Federico is friends with everyone and is the South American liaison - there is a running gag in the movie; Flint makes fun of Wasker because his initials are "WTF" - FARC main bad guy is former Cuban assassin Azucar del Muerto - he has a history with Esme as he assaulted her on a mission in Havana, 10 yrs ago; he's a sadistic freak who likes to abuse women; she's hell-bent on revenge (flashback scenes make her emotionally unstable during the movie) - scenes are in D.C., Miami, Buenos Aries, Rio and Aztec ruins - the various cache of gems is being moved to one location en route to China for sale on the black-market - shipping Porto de Santos in Sao Paolos is where the ship is; a container ship head for for China (via Panama Canal) - Panama customs clerk Nitza Awilda joins the team; she starts a romance with Royal - Royal, Awilda, Federico stow & hide on the ship; Flint & Esme fly with Alton to get to Panama ahead of the ships arrival - police SWAT and the agents battle a group terrorists for control of the ship while it is in the middle of the canal; it is struck with a bazooka & sinks (pissing off the people who run the canal, maybe a cameo by Cheech Marin as the canal manager). Potential cast: Derek Flint: Idris Elba, Darius Royal: Kevin Hart, Abigale Esme: Charisma Carpenter/Ashley Judd/Denise Richards, Oakley Alton: Taylor Kitsch/Keanu Reeves/Robert Downey Jr, Matias d'Andres: Joaquim de Almeida/Javier Bardem/Danny Trejo, Azucar del Muerto: Antonio Sabato Jr/ Eddie Cibrian/Bobby Canavale, Wasker Tubau Federico: George Lopez, Nitza Awilda: Sanaa Lathan/Dania Ramirez/Rosario Dawson

3rd movie: In Like Flint - U.S. & British governments discover the Russians/Chinese are building a secret military base in Antarctica, fitting with drilling platforms; the South Pole is rich with oil deposits bigger than anywhere in the world; there are small communities on islands near the continent that are being threatened - CIA/MI-6 team up to blow up the 2 platforms - Flint teams up with British agent Addison Alarice and Chinese agent Jie Dewei team up to stop the Russians/Chinese; they are helped by Taiwan contract killer Lanying Meh-funh - tThe bad guys are: Russian assassin Rukiya Fanya, Chinese agent Zhin Mai, Chinese agent Da Fa Bang - Flint, Royal and Alarice go to Siberia to break Jie Dewei out of prison; he found out about the secret military bases and tried to stop them - they travel to Hong Kong to get information being sold by Triads who are blackmailing Russian contractors for oil revenue; typical fights & battles in Hong Kong streets & alleys - climax with 2 teams facing off against each other with Russian & Chinese troops and U.S./UK commandos. Potential cast:Derek Flint: Idris Elba, Darius Royal: Kevin Hart, Addison Alarice: Jason Statham/Tim Roth/Daniel Day-Lewis, Jie Dewei: Jackie Chan/Chow Yun-Fat/, Lanying Meh-funh: Zhang Ziyi/Gong Li/Zhao Wei, Rukiya Fanya: Elena Korikova/Darya Moroz/Tatyana Kosmacheva, Zhin Mai: Ming-Na Wen/Tan Wei, Da Fa Bang: Daniel Dae Kim/Jet Li/Hiroyuki Sanada

4th movie: Flint Strikes Again - A secret cabal of Burmese generals, in league with Vietnamese heroine growers, find a crashed WW2 U.S. plane with an atomic bomb; the plane was presumed to have gone down in the Bay of Bengal in 1945 - tThey plan on selling it to the highest bidder; black-market arms dealers are meeting in Bangkok under the guise of a celebrity world-poker-tour tournament; the bomb is sold to the Jakapak Liberation Army, a terrorist group in India planning to destroy Mumbai - Flint teams up with female Canadian spy Brooklaine Caressa; former Mountie and expert sniper; she is no-nonsense, straight-laced & takes no bullshit; total professional with no personality; - they fly to Tel Aviv to be briefed by the Mossad who found out about the bomb; along with 2 Israeli agents Nova Shira and Gabriel Bernal, the four of them travel to India disguised as 2 couples globetrotting on a honeymoon - they discover a conspiracy inside the Indian government led by a general, Mitul Uthkarsh, whose only interest is money; he gets the JLA & bomb into the country and he gets $50M & escapes to the Phillipines for retirement - the four of them team up with an Indian police officer (female) Saanvi Prisha; her father was a high-ranking general, forced to resign & died in disgrace because of a power struggle with Uthkarsh 10 years before - cClimactic fight/chase scenes as the good guys chase the bad guys through Mumbai, battling army forces loyal to Uthkarsh and JLA commandos trying to get the bomb to the Wankhede Stadium during the Cricket World Cup championshi. Potential cast: Derek Flint: Idris Elba, Darius Royal: Kevin Hart, Brooklaine Caressa: Laura Vandervoot/Scarlett Johannson//Brie Larson/Margot Robbie, Nova Shira: Blake Lively/AnnaLynne McCord/Rachel McAdams, Gabriel Bernal: Shia LaBeouf/Paul Rudd/Scott Caan, Mitul Uthkarsh: Irrfan Khan/Anil Kapoor/Faran Tahir, Saanvi Prisha: Agam Darshi/Mallika Sherawat/Freida Pinto

...all things being equal, not a bad 4 movie franchise !

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