Olivia Cult: Tales of a witch detective

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"Olivia Cult: Tales of a Witch Detective"  is an upcoming young adult fantasy novel which involves a young teenage girl who is disowned by her family at the age of eight for unlocking her family's long hidden and despised connection to an interdimensional demon known as Lilith . The demon bonds with Olivia and she becomes a witch.

Soon after she is abandoned, she is taken in by a paranormal agency from a different dimension known as Parabola to become a witch detective and stop mystical threats from destroying the mortal world.

After eight years of being trained as a witch detective, Olivia must return to the human world to stop an evil occult from merging the human world and Parabola together which would mean the end of all humanity.

I need $500 to cover the costs of publishing my current young adult book, "Olivia Cult: Tales of a Witch Detective".  If I  don't reach my entire goal the funds will still go to cover the costs of producing this novel. You're contribution will help me bring my vision and this book to life.

Note: The time duration of when you get your rewards may be subject to change.

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