Send the Crowdfunding Bum mascot to the Thanksgiving day parade!!

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If Crowdfunding Bum wants to stay relevant in the crowdfunding arena, then it needs to think big, and what can be bigger than a Macy’s balloon; 50 million watch the Macy’s day parade on television each year and we want our beloved mascot to participate in 2019. We would be making history by crowdfunding our way into this parade. Please support this campaign by giving generously.

How Much Does the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Cost

How Much Does the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Cost Created By: Ebates

Question : Why should I give to this campaign?
Answer : You will be participating in the “Pay it Forward” movement and helping make Crowdfunding Bum a household name. This will in turn bring in more Crowdfunding Bum new members and donations that may ultimately benefit your own cause.

More frequently asked questions will be provided as they arise.

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  1. Sue Lynn Smith 
    3 years ago

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