The Mantis Ring

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Plot Summary

Elizaa was the victim of a crime and her attacker has escaped justice due to the mishandling of crucial evidence. While drinking to blunt the pain, she is inspired by a pet mantis to take her own justice. An expert in the field of insects and plants, Eliza creates a toxin that will kill a target and turn their lifeless body into green sludge.  She’s aided in this by her best friend Addilynn who uses her expertise to create a delivery device for the toxin, the titular Mantis Ring. After getting revenge on her attacker, Eliza decides to continue her quest and rid the world of others like him. This results in the recruiting of others to their cause and the eventual blurring of moral lines. Addilynn and the audience must ask themselves how far is too far? Where is your line?

(previous films)

The Creature Of Sherwood Lake 2021


Invasion Of The Nylonians


I have 100% self-funded my previous films and plan to add my own funding to this project as well. Extra funds raised in this campaign will allow for expansion from my previous films. This will include cast pay and other resources like lodging and food along with upgraded or added equipment. Since this film will be shot in a larger town vs smaller towns and rural parks for my previous projects, there will be additional permit and insurance fees as well.

I have been writing stories since childhood and have been published 3 times. The first was a pair of short stories through Publish America in 2009 and 2010 for my sci-fi works Fire In The Darkness and its sequel. The 3rd publication was done so with a pen name in E-Book form in 2012 through Decadent Publishing. That work, also sci-fi, was titled Invasion Of The Nylonians. I have always wanted to get into the visual medium and after some encouragement from a filmmaker via email and phone call I took his advice and went for it. I am still learning and pla to keep absorbing information and figuring things out as I go along. So far I have made 2 films. The 1st was a toned-down adaptation of my E-Book, Invasion Of The Nylonians released in Spring 2021. The 2nd was a campy creature film titled The Creature Of Sherwood Lake. The film was released in Fall 2021 and to date has become an official selection for the First-Time Sessions Filmmaker film festival by Lift-Off Global Network and an honorable mention for the Film Faire film festival.

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