Seed & Spark is something of a newcomer to the world of crowdfunding, but is still making its mark in the industry nonetheless. The story starts in 2011 when film producer Emily Best (also the CEO of the company) was working to create her film Like the Water, a piece that was designed to provide a holistic image of women on the silver screen.

Like many indie artists, Best encountered any and all hurdles one could in completing this film. She had only 60 days left to meet her goal, and so she decided to take inspiration from wedding registries. She listed what was needed, just as you would on a gift registry, and listed a PayPal account that a supporter could use to send donations their way.

The all-female team raised much more than they asked for and the film was a success. It played at more than 20 festivals around the world and resulted in a business venture for Best. Her business has turned out well, and her platform features the highest success rate in the world and focuses mainly on providing funding for the entertainment ventures of content creators, supporting creator sustainability and increasing awareness of all aspects of film, especially representation. Whether it is audience building or funding or distribution through Seed & Spark’s streaming service, the platform is off to a good start.

About the 80% Success Rate

Seed & Spark’s 80% success rate stems from a comprehensive step by step process one must follow in order to work with the site.

For starters, a crowdfunding class must be taken. It is totally free, and you can do it online or even in person, which is great if you need to be face-to-face in your learning style.

They set you up for success by working with their team.

Your next step is to start your project. You fill out all the details, making it as specific as you can.

After this, your third step is to submit the project for review. The experts at their website look for 7 specific items when choosing to host your campaign. We took these words for word from Seed&Spark’s blog.

  • Amount You’re Raising vs. The Size of Your Network
  • The Pitch Video
  • The Incentives
  • The Wish List
  • Social Media
  • Collaboration/Feedback
  • Crowdfunding Experience

There are many details involved with each of these factors. From this, you can infer that their high success rate is derived from the stringent process that creators are put through.

The fourth step is getting personalized feedback. Within two business days, you will get feedback on how you can make your campaign a huge success. This is nice in a world where things are impersonal and cold most of the time!

After all, has been approved and you are ready, you will finalize your campaign. According to the Seed&Spark website, the projects that take and implement their feedback have four times the success of those who do not!

And finally, you will be allowed to launch. You must be approved to do so, and once you are approved, your campaign can take off.

Benefits of Seed & Spark

Seed & Spark offers those who meet their requirements some benefits which are pretty good if you can pass their screening process According to their site, they award hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional funds and other great resources to creators that work with them. They also host crowdfunding rallies, which in their words, is a large scale call for crowdfunding campaigns that focus on a specific theme. The crowdfunding rallies are held throughout the year and unite film communities on a local and global scale.

Fees and Such

OK, we’ve given a pretty good overview of what Seed & Spark actually is, but now it is time to look at what many of us care about most: fees.

The platform fee is 5%, but backers are offered the chance to cover that fee on your behalf. Most of the time, ⅔ of campaign backers opt to do just that. Credit card processing fees are 30 cents per transaction plus 2.9% of the pledge. Filmmakers that opt to raise money with Seed & Spark keep 95% of what they make, says the website.

Once you start a campaign, you can find a complete breakdown of the fees in the Payout portion of the project dashboard after your campaign is given the OK and the payment has been processed.

Seed & Spark Campaign Run Times

Because Seed & Spark lets you choose how long you wish to run your campaign for, you can run for 30, 45, or 60 days. For most of us, 30 days is fine as it is the most manageable, and the platform recommends this for most projects.

Keeping What You Earn

Seed & Spark is not an all or nothing platform. It is not a keep what you earn platform. On there, you get the Green Light to keep your funds when you hit 80% of your goal.

Timing the Seed & Spark Campaign

It is recommended that you set up your campaign on Seed&Spark a month before you actually want to launch it, says their FAQ. it is advised you submit your campaign for review at least two weeks before you want to launch it.

This is not bad considering they likely get a high volume of people submitting project ideas and campaigns each and every day.

Another thing worth noting is that you can gather followers before the campaign actually launches for non-rally projects. You send a special link to followers and they can view it before the project actually goes live. This is a great way to get feedback. And see how your fans feel about projects you have in the works.


If your goal is filmmaking, Seed & Spark might be the place to go. But Crowdfunding Bum does not put anybody through a stringent process to see if their campaign will succeed. We take all comers and we pay it forward with donations from monies raised within our campaigns. And we host all projects categories, not just films!

Final thoughts.

Before you go running off to Seed & Spark, we hope you stick around a while to find out more about all that Crowdfunding Bum has to offer. You will find ample reasons to choose us as your funding source.

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