Are you still interested to know more about Waszupp Crowdfunding? So this Waszupp crowdfunding review is for you. People are curious to know about this dead and broken website as if this was still a thing. This has taken a lot of hype and attention from people these days. In this article, you will learn all the facts and information about it.

Waszupp Crowdfunding, an MLM in sheep’s clothing.

There are plenty of ways to earn money online. In this era of social networking and cryptocurrency, everyone wants short tricks and an easy way to make money. In the big names of social networking industries, Waszupp Crowdfunding is top of the list. You might have come across a company called Waszupp Crowdfundingalso known as Waszupp Global. Waszupp’s 3×8 matrix compensation cycle promises significant returns to members. 

Waszupp Crowdfunding or Waszupp Global is an online venture that takes advantage of Nobel platforms and is dedicated to “the Art of Noble Giving”.From these platforms, it makes money for itself as well. It sounds like the best of both worlds, doesn’t it? Before you think about quick money associated with this platform. We are going to take a closer look at Waszupp Crowdfunding’s big promises. 

The Barebones of Waszupp Crowdfunding

The founder and CEO, Ash H. Sahib, is cited to be an experienced Network and Marketing leader and entrepreneur. He came up with a new idea and launched having a crowdfunding program. He transformed crowdfunding and used it as a charity model and fundraising scheme. 

He boasts an enormous amount of $1 billion in charitable gifts and also provides several ways to help people come out of debt and poverty. Waszupp Crowdfunding uses an intuitive platform to permit participants to administer and receive simultaneously (sounds plenty like what Crowdfunding Bum was already doing). Ideally, every participant has civil rights to induce the funding they have for his or her projects. Meanwhile, they’re also making a charitable donation.

How To Be A Part Of Waszupp Crowdfunding

Waszupp Crowdfunding

Joining this platform is problematic. Firstly, you need to find a sponsor. It will give you a headache. I searched for a sponsor ID. However, it is recognized as an active ID, but all in vain. It did not register the sponsor. So it proved itself a broken website for no use.

You require submitting a one-time payment of 35$. No additional fees are charged except this. Right away, Waszupp daringly claims that they will change your financial future and promise to make you stronger financially. This information results from our research and analysis online, as most of their explanation videos don’t work.

What Does Their Compensation Plan Do?

So, how it works? All the participants willing to join Waszupp Global needs to sign up for joining the compensation plan. You may earn from it if they sponsor any other affiliates, who constantly invest, so there is an opportunity to earn income.

You will have to pay a $35 membership fee upfront. $10 goes towards operation costs, 25% goes to a charity fund, and $25 goes to the person who invited you to participate. Then, you have to recruit three other people to join Waszupp to gain a $25 commission.

This enrolls you into Waszupp Crowdfunding’s 3×8 Forced graduated step-up matrix. The commission is the key aspect to invest your time, but it lacks a clear roadmap for its investors. It can get a little bit confusing to understand the strategy fully, but stick with us here:

  1. 1. Level 1 got completed after you invite 3-friends to join Waszupp, and this also adds up a total of $75.
    2. The automated platform will open up Level 2 for $50, which is deducted from the $75 you just received.
    3. At Level 2, you can receive nine gifts of $50, which totals $450.
    4. From here, Level 3 is automatically activated, and $100 is deducted from your $450.
    5. At Level 3, you can receive 27 gifts of $100 from users completing level 2. This results in a grant of $2700. Again, the system will activate your Level 4 and deduct $700.
    6. At Level 4, you are eligible to receive 81 gifts of $700 of people on Level 3. The total becomes $56,700.
    7. The levels continue up to 5 where you can generate a commission of $1,215,000.
    8. There are levels 6, 7, and 8 that generate an undisclosed commission. 

There is no explanation why 6-8 are undisclosed, except that the commission amount is unimaginably large. Take that as you will.


  • No products are available for distribution or handling.
  • You do not require giving a monthly membership fee or quotas.
  • There is no need to deliver redundant sales pitches to family and friends. 


  • Quite a few users perceived this crowdfunding platform as a Ponzi matrix cycler or a pyramid scheme
  • The platform or website is underdeveloped. For example, their events section is only a set of templates for event listings, and other tabs are still “coming soon”.
  • Unfortunately, there is no assistance for creating a successful crowdfunding campaign. No step-by-step guide is available.
  • There are no affiliate or free website links.
  • Overall, it is not well received or validated.
  • The website is seemingly abandoned.
  • Missing commission rates of many levels, including 6,7 and 8 levels.

It can be difficult to engage in a crowdfunding campaign without knowing it’s all ins and outs. Analyse and proper research can save you from a big mess. It is recommended to research the complete background of the creator before taking membership. How do they work? What can you get in the end? Is it suitable to take in the long term? Closely think and analyze before picking any campaign.

One Of The Most Reliable Option Is CrowdfundingBum

At this platform, they gift a miles clearer and reliable “giving first investment model”. CrowdfundingBum and Waszupp Crowdfunding has an almost similar vision with not much drastic difference. Both had been created through gents with shiny aspirations to domesticate abundance by the act of giving continuously.

CrowdfundingBum takes a portion of all funds like Waszupp and donates it to another campaign or project they choose. Specifically, an 8% fee is charged by CrowdfundingBum. The platform charges a fee of 5 %, that is temporarily waived; however, the remaining 3% will be donated to another campaign. As opposed to Waszupp crowdfunding, you get to know which campaign or project receives the donation.

The stellar feature that makes CrowdfundingBum stand out is that it is additionally focusing on perking up your non-public crowdfunding marketing campaign. It does now no longer just bother about collecting money. With no time, you may personalize your very own marketing campaign page that is responsive for mobile users as well. You can get all trial records for your donations and the ability to set up your goals and deadlines as you like.

Whenever new members are registered, they are required to donate their 3% as a next step. There are also backers built-in. They act as both donors and recipients at the same time. To help entrepreneurs craft their campaign pitches, they also offer expert writers. Because it’s put up on a network that constantly offers returned to one another, you could be reassured that you may be sponsored and supported on this platform. Everyone and each assignment are welcome.


Waszupp Crowdfunding painted a rosy picture. I mean, who does not want just to sit back and watch their money multiply upon itself. Since no products or services are offered to retail consumers, Waszupp Global affiliates can only provide affiliate membership. However, the internet site seems deserted, and there’s continually a touch of suspicion available while it comes to pyramid promoting or Ponzi-esque schemes. No one has yet to validate Waszupp or discredit it, either completely. So, proceed with caution. There is no authenticity for this platform.

Taking things into the big picture will indeed hint to you that something is fishy here. Everybody wants to earn easy money with less effort. Waszupp crowdfunding Global affiliates can only provide affiliate membership since no products or services are offered to retail consumers.

CrowdfundingBum is the authentic and crystal clear platform for your donation. At CrowdfundingBum, there is simplicity and transparency. You know where your donation money is going. Also, you know that your backers are within a familiar community. You have tools at your disposal to improve your crowdfunding campaign. It is a very active and open community where you can build your campaign confidently.

Final thoughts.

We hope you stick around a while to find out more about all that Crowdfunding Bum has to offer. You will find ample reasons to choose us as your funding source.

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