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Hi there, I’m Bernardo Pereria, the creator of Crowdfunding Bum. Thank you for your interest in finding out more information about Crowdfunding Bum. My earnest hope is that this page satisfies your curiosity about us and our website . Thus with this in mind, as the founder of this crowdfunding website, my ultimate goal is to assist you in your efforts to raise capital funding for your project needs. Together with a focused and dedicated leadership team, we at Crowdfunding Bum completely revamped our donation model and crowdfunding platform. Hence, Crowdfunding Bum is essentially placing the power of global outreach in the palms of well-deserving hands.


About Us | The Mission

We aim to make your experience not only easy, but life affirming. The team at Crowdfunding Bum took the feedback received from past participants of our previous “give first funding model” and tweaked it to deliver even more donations without incurring any out of pocket cost to you.

The new donation model and design will provide all campaign participants a simple way to begin receiving donations and raising awareness for the causes they care about INSTANTLY.

About Us | The Vision

Funding a campaign shouldn’t be difficult. Crowdfunding Bum Founder, Bernardo Pereria, is a visionary thinker and wanted to place the power of generosity in the hands of all those who choose to embrace it. Strategically, he found a way to make it so that everyone essentially wins. By paying it forward you cultivate abundance, this is the opposite of scarcity. Scarcity is a dream killer, this is why so many campaigns fail.

Typically, funding platforms are all about me, help me, give to me, me me and me. While there’s a place for helping the truly unfortunates of the world, funding a honeymoon or new iPad battery should be more about community. Our vision is to get the whole community behind you, to help you achieve your dreams. Our vision is global and is attracting donors, every single day. It is the law of sowing and reaping in motion…

 About Us | The Approach

Crowdfunding Bum can be utilized by anyone with a mobile device or desktop, a cause, and a story. The campaign creator automatically donates 3% of all funds raised to another campaign project of choice. Imagine, not only reaching your goals, but simultaneously planting a seed in somebody else’s garden.

In a world of no good deed goes unpunished, you leave yourself wide open to receive funding seeds from new members. No other crowdfunding site does this. It is that simple… Our approach is to give you the opportunity to become both a donor and a recipient. We have set the tone for global giving.



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