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About Crowdfunding Bum

Crowdfunding Bum is a fundraising platform that will allow you to take advantage of all the resources and support that you will ever need to make your ideas a reality. Crowdfunding Bum lets you raise funds online for anything that matters to you. From personal causes, creative projects to new business ideas; our crowdfunding website will assist people from all over the world to raise millions online.

Founded by Bernardo Pereira principal officer of Crowdfunding Bum, LLC is responsible for outsourcing development of this unique crowdsourcing platform to web solutions wisitech.

Crowdfunding Bum aims to bridge the gap between donors and fundraisers. Fundraising campaign creators no longer have to wait to achieve their dreams because of the lack of funds. And donors get to browse and support the campaigns that appeal to them and in doing so fulfill someone’s dream.

Bernardo Pereira, Founder and principal officer.

Bernardo Pereira, an entrepreneur, and visionary, founded in April 2016 when he identified an overlooked funding resource for campaigners and then developed an entire crowdfunding platform around that resource. Helping campaigners fund their crowdfunding projects faster by all member giving. Bernardo became a pioneer in crowdfunding when he launched Crowdfunding Bum.

That’s because was the first crowdsourcing website of its kind to require its members to donate first into the crowdfunding bum community prior to launching their own projects. Bernardo’s own insights and vision enabled him to create then implement the core web platform we use today to help as many people as possible fund their projects faster than ever before.

While being active in day-to-day operations, Bernardo is always looking for ways to streamline the process of getting projects funded faster and giving both donors and project clients the ultimate crowdfunding experience.

Bernardo is unrelenting in his attention to the key issues facing the crowdfunding industry and how best to serve the needs of his crowdfunding donors and campaign clients to help maximize campaign efficiency.

Crowdfunding is All about Collective Effort!

Crowdfunding Bum website was launched with a simple aim; to help people raise funds online based on the “give and you shall receive” biblical concept of tithing.

Crowdfunding can range from anything – from raising money for critical medical expenses, not-for-profit projects to anything under the sun.

The only condition is that fundraisers need to make a donation first to a member or a combination of members that add up to 3% of what they want to raise before they can post their campaign. It serves the purpose of helping each other fulfill their dreams and aspirations. As well as getting the help that you need personally, you can help someone else get the same volume – and quality – of help that you needed yourself. When used in the right kind of mentality, this can create a progressive change that will have a lasting effect on both your life and the lives of others

Our mission is simple – to enrich the lives of people and make online fundraising easier for them. We strongly believe that common people, when they get together, can make things happen and fast!

Crowdfunding is all about collective effort – about channelizing all resources towards supporting a cause or a project. With this kind of approach we can make it more likely that results can be consistent and that the chance of success is now open to everyone ready to put in the time, commitment and passion to be a success.

Seeing a fundraising campaign reaching its target and making people fulfill their dreams is what motivates us to do what we do.

Crowdfunding Bum and Wisitech a One-Two Winning Combination

In its aim to provide the most efficient, secure and reliable online platform for fundraising to its members, Crowdfunding Bum has selected the cutting edge web and app solutions provider Wisitech InfoSolutions as their online partner.

Wisitech has put into boxing shape the Crowdfunding Bum dream of going up against the heavyweights in the crowdfunding arena with this new, user-friendly website that offers the most advanced fundraising features available.

Wisitech is an end-to-end Web, Apps and Internet Marketing solutions provider with 17+ years of experience (since January 1999). Its skilled professional team has 270+ collective years of experience in web solutions – including Responsive website development, E-commerce sites, Mobile Apps, SEO-SMM-PPC, Web content development and Affiliate Marketing.

With offices in New Delhi, India (Corporate Office), Toronto, Ontario, Canada and Beverly Hills, CA, USA, Wisitech caters to a large client base from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies across the world – in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia.

Crowdfunding Bum and Wisitech together will continue to bring world-class user experience in fundraising to our members.

Together We Can Make A Difference And Make This World A Better Place!

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Bernardo Pereira "descendant of a Bnei Anusim"